How to Sign a Document on an Android Phone or Tablet

You can sign a document on an Android mobile device by downloading the Docusign Mobile App.

You can do just about anything from your Android phone and tablet these days. Whether you’re reading the news, ordering food, or taking an online class, it’s become the epicenter of all modern conveniences. It’s only natural that mobile phones have also become a place where users can sign new hire contracts, leases, and other traditionally hardcopy documents.

Using the app is not required to electronically sign with Docusign on your android device — you can easily sign documents in a mobile browser. However, by downloading the Docusign app for Android, you can also upload and sign documents sent to you from others, collect signatures on documents and keep track of all your agreements. 

How to sign documents on Android

When you are sent a digital document to sign through Docusign, you’ll get an email alert on your Android phone or tablet.he signature process may vary, depending on which options the sender has selected, but you will always start off by downloading the document. You don’t need an account to sign if the document was sent through Docusign. However, creating an account allows you to save copies of all your signed documents in one location and makes using eSignature for future documents even easier.

You’ll likely navigate through the following steps:

  • Tap “Action Required” to access documents that require your attention. Select the document you need to sign and click the blue “Sign” button in the lower right hand corner.
  • Read the disclosure statement and tap to agree to use electronic signature.
  • Review the document. When you’re ready to sign, select the START tag in the lower right hand corner to begin. This will take you to your first action.
  • Complete any required fields, like your address, your initials or the date.
  • Select the yellow Sign tag.
  • Draw your own signature or take a photo of an existing one.
  • Tap the blue check mark in the upper right hand corner to adopt your newly created e-signature.
  • To complete the next required field, click “Next” in the lower right hand corner to be directed to the next form field.
  • Tap to apply your signature to the required places in the document(s).
  • Complete the signing process by tapping FINISH and selecting confirm signing.

And that’s it! Your electronically signed document is then sent to the next signer. Once everyone has signed, a copy will be sent to you via email and saved in your Docusign account. You’ll also have the option to download a copy for your records, share the document via email or store in your Cloud storage of choice.  

Can I sign a document on my Android phone without an email account?

Yes. Docusign offers SMS delivery for e-signatures across all industries, which allows signers without an email address to sign quickly and easily. It can be used for

  • Signing insurance renewals and life insurance policies via text
  • Authorizing new patient intake forms
  • Completing loan applications and open new bank accounts
  • Finalizing sales contracts
  • And even responding to mass tort or class action lawsuits

Can I send a document for electronic signing from my Android phone or tablet?

Yes. Through the Docusign eSignature mobile app for Android, users can access a signed document, no matter where they are, and sign almost anything in a few taps. Steps include:

  • Uploading the document that needs to be signed to the Docusign eSignature mobile app, such as a Word document or a PDF file. Don’t have the mobile app installed? No problem. Download the mobile app from this link
  • Adding the names and emailing addresses of people who need to sign
  • Dragging and dropping fields onto the document including  initials, signatures, phone numbers or other information
  • Click SEND to send the file via Docusign to your designated recipients

Docusign helps organizations deliver a superior customer experience

As the world becomes increasingly digital, consumers, partners and vendors all expect convenient, fast and flexible experiences. eSignature provides modern, digital-first experiences that help accelerate the signing process which delivers real value to businesses. It does so, in part, by making it easy for users to sign documents from anywhere in the world, on any number of devices.

Allowing customers to sign documents on mobile phones or tablets will help increase completion rates through an intuitive, faster, and simpler process.

Download the Docusign Android mobile app for Android to start signing immediately.

Yasamin Yousefi
E-Signature Expert