Subprocessor list

Last updated: August 15, 2022


DocuSign uses certain platform subprocessors, as well as infrastructure suppliers and other third-party business partners, to provide services to its customers. Business partners providing professional services are set forth in the applicable statement of work or other similar service agreements but are listed here for convenience.

View subprocessor and related information by service:

It should be noted that certain DocuSign services may include features or functionality built on other DocuSign services or service technology. In those cases, such DocuSign services would use subprocessors and suppliers for both the primary service as well as the other applicable related service or service technology.

A list of the DocuSign group members that may offer account management and /or technical support for the applicable DocuSign Services can be viewed in Appendix 1 of our Binding Corporate Rules (Processor Policy).

Capitalized terms used in this documentation are defined in the DocuSign Sites & Services Terms And Conditions and/or Data Protection Attachment.

Subscribe to updates to the service supplier and subprocessor list

DocuSign will make updates to the subprocessor lists via this website. Below are two options for subscribing to updates to the subprocessor lists at :

  1. Add an RSS reader extension to your browser (Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Enable via Outlook on a PC

Objecting to a subprocessor

You may object to a subprocessor by submitting your objection by email to with subject line “Subprocessor Objection,” along with your name, your company’s name, name of the DocuSign service, name of the subprocessor and grounds for objection (see the Processor Policy for objective justifiable grounds) unless otherwise provided for in your service agreement with DocuSign which terms control.

Change Log

Date of change: March 1, 2022

Description of change:

  • General: Updated names of DocuSign Services.

  • DocuSign CLM: Added Microsoft Azure as data hosting provider (Germany and Netherlands).

  • DocuSign eSignature (DocuSign Payments): Added a new optional payment gateway (Spreedly Inc.) for DocuSign eSignature.

  • DocuSign eSignature: Added Sinch AB as a new SMS service provider.

  • DocuSign eSignature: Added "SMS delivery" to the purpose (optional) section of the following SMS providers (Vonage, TeleSign and Twilio).

Date of change: July 27, 2022

Description of change:

  • DocuSign CLM: Added Microsoft Azure as a data hosting provider for new accounts provisioned in Australia and Canada, and updated Germany and Netherlands locations to the EU.
  • DocuSign CLM: Removed Oya as a subprocessor.

Date of change:August 15, 2022

Description of change:

  • DocuSign CLM: Updated Microsoft Azure as a data center hosting and infrastructure services provider.
  • DocuSign eSignature:Added Ubble as a subprocessor (ID verification) supporting the ID verification for QES service. Added Microsoft Azure as a data center hosting and infrastructure services provider for accounts based in the United States and EU. Removed Google LLC as a subprocessor.
  • DocuSign Notary: Added Microsoft Azure as a data center hosting and infrastructure services provider for DocuSign Notary. Added Mitek, Acuant and AriadNEXT as subprocessors (ID verification) supporting the DocuSign Notary service.