Welcome to the New DocuSign Experience

The New DocuSign Experience


Welcome to the next generation of the DocuSign user interface. We designed each and every pixel to make it easier, faster and more intuitive than ever to send and manage digital transactions. Millions of individuals and professionals are already using the New DocuSign Experience to enhance their productivity, and now we’ve added advanced functionality designed for organizations of all sizes. See why users are raving about the new capabilities and ease-of-use: Find out how to get started.

The New DocuSign Experience offers the majority of the sending, management and administration capabilities from the Classic DocuSign Experience and we’re adding additional features on a regular basis. To help you decide if now is the right time to make the move, take a look at the features that are currently available or read the FAQs.



Get document status at-a-glance with the re-envisioned centralized dashboard and instantly find the documents you’re looking for with improved filters and folders.




We reduced the number of steps it takes to send documents, so you can get business done even faster. Simplified screens don’t distract with too many choices, but advanced options are there when you need them.


The highly visual experience makes it easy for both first-time and experienced users. Graphical cues help guide users through each step of each process, from creating a template to tagging a document for multiple recipients and more.


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