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Deliver the modern banking experience your customers want

Having a modern System of Agreement means you’re better than the bank your customers expect.
Mobile phone screenshots displaying before and after examples of DocuSign’s responsive signing API integration.

Goodbye pinch & zoom.
Hello tap & complete.

Higher completion rates. Simplified documents. Happier customers. It’s not just responsive. It’s revolutionary.

With Responsive Signing, you can:

  • Elevate your banking app with a “mobile-first” experience
  • Convert static banking forms into responsive agreements
  • Capture accurate customer data the first time

Three mobile phone screenshots displaying examples of DocuSign’s Smart Sections feature via API integration

Easy to start.
Easier to finish.

When you make documents dynamic, they are easier for customers to understand — increasing completion rates by 20%.*

Smart Sections allow you to:

  • Focus customer attention to key areas within your agreements
  • Expand and collapse sections within dense disclosures to ensure a streamlined experience
  • Control and manage banking disclosures with ease

*based on results from nationwide deployment in over 5000 retail locations.

Screenshots of a completed electronic signature by DocuSign, detailing security status, timestamp, and certification of compliance.

Compliance comes standard.

It used to be that you had to compromise customer experience to remain compliant. Those days are gone. Deliver the right experience, right now.

  • Ensure authorization is accurately and efficiently captured
  • Minimize risk of fraud or non-compliance digitally
  • Manage and share digital audit trails with regulators
  • Capture consent quickly, easily and clearly
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The future of banking?
Make it easy.

How a modern System of Agreement simplifies consumer banking and improves compliance.

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