That’s a wrap. Memorable moments from Momentum APAC 2021

The team at Docusign breathes a collective sigh of relief after big events like Momentum successfully draw to a close. These events, after all, bring together a huge number of people and take a fair amount of planning. This year’s wrap was a little different – we were all tapping our feet and having a good ol’ groove thanks to the one and only Michael Franti.

Yep, Franti generously and beautifully sang to us from his Ubud hotel, Soulshine Bali, where his song, ‘Trying to keep the lights on’ summed up the real and emotional toll that the year of massive disruption has had on people’s lives. 

It was a fitting end to a fantastic event, in which we heard from some valued Docusign customers about how they, too, have weathered the COVID-19 storm. Here are some of the highlights. 

Tech’s pivotal role in the pandemic 

Docusign CEO Dan Springer opened the event by reflecting on the dramatic year we’ve had, saying, “Obviously, COVID-19 created a huge challenge for everyone, everywhere, a challenge we’re still all dealing with today. But it also showed how technology and innovation can help in a time of crisis. I’m incredibly proud of the role our team was able to play.”

From healthcare organisations that needed to handle patient intakes without paper, pen and clipboards, to Australian organisations wanting to streamline the complexities of JobKeeper applications, there were so many ways that organisations embraced Docusign to digitise and expedite processes. 

As Springer said, “All these stories point to an enduring trend. Even when pandemic has gone, electronic signing will stay because it’s easier, faster, more cost efficient and more secure than the old way.”

Docusign partnership with Australia Post

A big announcement coming out of the event was Docusign’s partnership with Australia Post to make it easier than ever for people to complete 100 point ID checks. With Docusign Identify and Australia Post’s Digital ID service, it’s quick and easy for businesses to verify a customer’s identity using a proven, secure process and valid forms of ID. 

As Margo Stephen, Head of Digital ID at Australia Post, explained, “From a business perspective, it’s all about improving the customer experience, reducing turnaround and reducing risk. And for customers, it reduces friction and means they only have to share info relevant to their transaction.”

Massive transformation at Metcash

We also heard from Grant Ramage, Merchandise Director at Metcash, Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company in the food, grocery, liquor and hardware sectors. Metcash transformed its entire agreement process using Docusign CLM, Docusign eSignature and Salesforce to undertake a massive project renegotiating contracts with suppliers as part of a new industry code of conduct. 

In the past, the process would have been paper-based. Indeed, Ramage talked of a massive safe in the basement of their head office that stored all these contracts. Now, using Salesforce and Docusign, Metcash has automated the contract negotiation process – including the flow of commercial data into contracts – to significantly speed things up and eliminate error. 

A demonstration of the power of Docusign CLM, Docusign Insight and Docusign Analyzer followed, helping to show just how easy it is for companies like Metcash to get started with automated workflows and powerful capabilities to streamline the contracting process. 

Reflecting on our environmental mission

To wrap the event up, Springer reflected on the importance of looking beyond business to consider how we can help those around us. As he rightly acknowledged, “At times like this, there are so many challenges and so many causes to support.”

He cited two examples of how Docusign has rallied to help others in challenging times. For example, one team raised over $250,000 to provide food, shelter and basic services to those impacted by the pandemic. And another team donated over 1,000 hours to Rainforest Trust, to help the organisation build capacity across its IT, marketing and strategy functions so it could continue its important work in protecting the world’s rainforests.  

Then, Michael Franti stepped in. “To see organisations like Docusign doing this incredible work to heal the planet is so important.” We couldn’t agree more – and look forward to seeing what the next year of innovation, automation and paper-saving brings. 

If you missed Momentum APAC 2021, you can watch the event on-demand now

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