How to get up and running with eSignatures, fast

Some things in life take time to set up. An IKEA bookshelf. A mortgage. Your eSignature? It ain’t one of those time-chewing tasks. These days, you can get going with an eSignature as fast as you can mouse your way to a ‘sign here’ button.

It’s all possible with Docusign. Our goal has always been to make electronic document signing easier, faster and more convenient. In doing so, it means that our customers – small business owners through to large corporations – can get deals and contracts signed faster.

So, how’s it done? How do you get set up with a Docusign eSignature so you can sign on the dotted line without the hassle of printing a document, finding a pen that works, scanning the signed document and emailing it off again?

Electronic document signing with Docusign is free and easy 

Anyone can sign a document with an electronic signature using Docusign. You don’t have to buy a plan or even have an account – if someone else has set up a Docusign envelope and sent something to you to sign, you can simply open it and get started.

The only thing you need to do is create a signature on your computer, tablet or phone via the Docusign app. It’s super easy to do – you’ve got three options:

  • ‘Write’ your signature using your mouse or finger
  • Choose a pre-selected eSignature (and, bonus, choose your fave font from the selection)
  • Take a photo or upload a scanned signature
eSignature examples

Once you’ve saved it, your signature will be linked to a unique identifier (UID). Then, every document you sign will carry this UID, ensuring enforceability and non-repudiation of your transactions.

Learn more about setting up your eSignature

Need your document signed by someone else?

You can do that too – but you’ll need to start a free trial with Docusign for this.

It’s certainly worth this extra step. With Docusign, gone are the days of waiting weeks for documents to get returned to you. Now, you can easily see who’s signed it, who’s viewed it, and who still needs to sign it – making it much easier to follow up on those who are dragging their heels.

Once you’ve started your trial, you can learn how to prepare a document for signing using a range of different platforms and leveraging over 300 pre-built integrations.

Ready to get started?

Get business done faster with Docusign eSignature. Start your free trial or download the award-winning Docusign app today from Google Play, the App Store or Windows 10.

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