• 83 %

    Shorter processing time – from 1 hour to 10 minutes
  • 80 %

    Of the necessary documents will be filled out prior to the event

The Italian manufacturer Ducati, part of the Audi group, is known for its motorcycles. Ducati started using DocuSign eSignature in its Network Development Department in France because the team needed a fast and digital solution to manage annual contracts with Ducati dealers. 

At the beginning of each year, the commercial terms and targets had to be signed, and at the end of the year, just as many signatures were required to manage each merchant's bonuses according to their sales performance. Before DocuSign, these processes were paper-based and very time-consuming.

Optimization of administrative tasks to improve customer experience

When Marielle Rouquette, Marketing & Communication Director at Ducati West Europe, saw the benefits of DocuSign for her colleagues, she saw an opportunity to improve processes in the marketing team as well.

The Ducati Track Experience offers customers the opportunity to spend a day on a racetrack with a Ducati motorcycle. These one-day events are run by a supplier who organizes all on-track activities with Ducati West Europe and also takes care of the legal aspects. The preparation of the race track and the securing of the corresponding liability insurance are associated with a high administrative effort. 

Before DocuSign, the vendor emailed all the required contracts as PDF documents to all customers who had registered for the event. They had to print out all contracts, sign them and bring them to the event. This resulted in a line that took an hour to process as all documents had to be checked for the right signatures in the right places.

Our participants benefit the most from DocuSign. There's no need to print out a stack of paper, nor start the day waiting in line to have those documents checked. Now it's really all about having fun on our bikes.
Marielle Rouquette
Marketing & Communications Director
Ducati West Europe

With an average age of 50, the participants were used to lengthy paper processes. Still, Marielle saw an opportunity for improvement. She set up a DocuSign account for the vendor and asked them to digitize all the signup steps. The organizers uploaded the list of customers who had registered for the next Track Day to DocuSign and sent out all the contracts via the solution.

"DocuSign gives me the information I need: now I have a complete list of everyone who attended the event. Before, I couldn't see who registered for our events at the circuit. I have better insight into what our provider is doing and who exactly the customers are. Any additional information that I get goes into our CRM," says Marielle. 

DocuSign aims to make future processes easier and more reliable

Since the organizer sends all pre-event contracts through DocuSign, 80% of contracts are signed before the event. Around 20% of customers still come to the event with signed papers, but their registrations only take 10 minutes to process instead of an hour as the lines are now much shorter than they used to be.

Marielle is already thinking about the next use case for eSignature. Every year Ducati sends an event marketing plan to its dealers. They can choose to attend and support the events that interest them. Ducati sends out a PDF registration form for each event, and every completed form from a dealer gives Ducati the confidence to host an event. "It would be so much better to have all this information in DocuSign so we can see at a glance which dealer has signed up for that event. It would make our marketing planning easier and more reliable," she explains.