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Workhack: Close A Deal And Follow Up With A Single Action

Whether you are a small business owner, a real estate agent, or a recruiter, closing a deal is a momentous occasion. However, there is a lot of work required both before and after a contract is signed. Entering a partnership or completing a transaction contains many moving parts that must come together seamlessly and there is often no room for error. As more of our interactions move online, smoothly executing contracts remains a challenge. DocuSign solves the time-consuming burden of printing a contract, signing it, scanning it, and finally–emailing it. But how do you ease the slew of operations that come before and after the contract is signed?

There are several tasks that must happen in the right order leading up to a contract signing and things that must happen right after a contract has been signed. Automating this crucial set of task flows in customer and partner engagements saves time, money and eliminates errors. DocuSign gives you the ability to automate your entire contract related workflow  because your company’s interactions aren’t interrupted by the need for paper contracts. When all the steps to a successful closing are automated there is no fear of human error, such as forgetting an important step or not sending information to another department, leaving you a guaranteed level of professionalism to your customers and partners.

Workhack: Create a Completely Automated Workflow with Integration

With an automated workflow, you can close a deal and do the needed follow-up tasks with one action. Let’s say you run a pool and spa, sales and services company and use Salesforce to keep client profiles, the Force.com App SteelBrick for “quote to cash” management, DocuSign for contracts, and Netsuite for accounting. DocuSign has integrations with hundreds of partners, but in order to connect all 4 apps into one seamless workflow and monitor this workflow across all of your deals and contracts, you need an integration service. For example, you can use Workato, a DocuSign partner and powerful DIY integration tool, to automate your workflow by syncing SteelBrick with Salesforce, DocuSign, and financial apps like Netsuite, Intacct, and Quickbooks. Lets look at some actual contract automation workflows:


When a customer is interested in buying a pool and needs a quote for the price of installation, you can send a quote with the click of a button. When you inform SteelBrick to create a new quote, using a Workato recipe, SteelBrick will locate the account and the quoted items which will be automatically be emailed through Docusign to the client. The envelope ID and quote status in SteelBrick will be updated to “Presented.” Your customer will receive the contract through DocuSign with incredible speed and your cloud apps will automatically track the status of the account.


You can use second Workato recipe to automate the steps after the contract is signed as well. When the customer signs the contract in DocuSign, it will trigger Steelbrick to search for the account name that the document is associated with, then send it to Netsuite. If the customer doesn’t have an account in Netsuite, Workato will trigger Netsuite to create a new one. Once the customer account is created or located, Workato will trigger Netsuite to automatically create an invoice, and update the Steelbrick account to “Netsuite Invoice ID.” This comprehensive workflow lowers manual data entry, reduces costly errors, and allows you to share data between apps in real time.

Make This Workhack Fit Your Business

Both of the recipes above can be installed with one click on Workato, however you can also choose to create your own custom recipes based on your specific DocuSign integration needs. Here at Workato we use both DocuSign and Workato to streamline our own operations. Because we work with hundreds of cloud consulting partners who resell and implement Workato with their end customers, DocuSign is an essential tool for quickly and easily executing contracts. However, this is only one of the six business apps we use to automate our engagement process with these consulting partners. The recipes we’ve created on Workato help DocuSign communicate with Google Forms, Google Mail, People Task, Intercom and Dropbox in order to automate the task of onboarding a new consultant.

To give you a more indepth look at the precision and control with which you can automate your workflows, we’ll walk through one of the recipes. This recipe was built to onboard consultants who are interested in joining our program. When they sign up on our website, a new row is created in our Google Sheets document.


The creation of a new row triggers a few different actions:

  1. A sign-up confirmation email is sent to the consultant through Google Mail
  2. To confirm the sign up is a real consultant, People Task alerts the Workato program manager that an approval is required.

If the candidate is not approved the following actions occur:

  1. An automated email will be sent to the applicant informing them of the decision and requesting additional information if they wish to re-apply.

If the candidate is approved the following actions occur:

  1. Google Sheets updates to confirm approval
  2. Google Mail deploys an email thanking the consultant for signing up
  3. DocuSign sends a contract
  4. Google sheets updates with the DocuSign ID number.

Other recipes work with the one above to complete various tasks after the consultant signs the contract, from inviting them to our New Consultant Webinar, alerting the Workato employees to upgrade the Consultant’s account, and handling exceptions (such as the right information not being in the spreadsheet or the contact being expired).

Say Goodbye To Stress
The average number of apps used per employee is 5.5, and the average time for each login is 20 seconds, making the average drag on each employee’s productivity about $15 monthly according to the 2014 Intermedia SMB Cloud Landscape Report. Using a DIY integration system like Workato to hack your workflow will save you valuable time, money, and speed up the process involved with closing a deal. This Workhack means less time logging into apps and more time growing your business.


  1. Will have to look into using this!

  2. Sounds like a simple design. Sit back, Blueprint then “Create”!

  3. DocuSign was a game changer for our business. We insure Outfitters and Guides in 50 states. The required document for quoting or renewing a current client for coverage of the business for both the liability, property and auto are numerous. Most of the documents require information to be added and signatures to bind the coverage. Have a workflow that incorporated DocuSign and the functionality of the product saved time and money for both our business and our clients. The functionality of creating templates and have scheduled reminders sent to the client for follow-up allowed a time savings for us and the flexibility for our clients. As I stated prior, Docusign was the game changer that allows us time to coach our clients on risk management and to offer additional services and products as well as market for new clients.

  4. I cant wait to try this!

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