For the past couple of years, right around September, Apple has a big event, and everyone in the tech industry stops to pay attention. First it was the iPhone 5 and larger screen sizes. Then it was iOS 7 and a complete visual redesign of…well just about everything.  Even though these mammoth events harpoon your product roadmap and send your teams scrambling, everyone enjoys the opportunity to take advantage of Apple’s platform innovations. 

So, when we got around to planning for 2014, we decided to try something different. Instead of waiting for the inevitable scramble, we just left a big open slot in August and called it “Apple.” We had no idea what it would be, but we knew whatever it was, we knew it’d be exciting, and that were going to have to move quickly to get it done in time for a fall launch.

When Apple announced iOS 8 at WWDC in June, we knew almost immediately what we wanted to build. We’ve been asking Apple to open up Touch ID since they introduced it in the iPhone 5s, so we were ecstatic to see it made available. We weren’t expecting Action Extensions, but once we saw it, their application for DocuSign was obvious. Wouldn’t it be cool if anyone could securely sign a legally-binding document without ever having to leave the app they’re working in?

With the latest version of DocuSign Mobile, you’ll now be able to take advantage of two great new features that are designed specifically for iOS 8. DocuSign just got even more secure with biometric authenticated sign-in via the addition of Touch ID. You can chose to log into the DocuSign app using Touch ID, as well as lock the app and require your fingerprint to re-enter the app. You can enable Touch ID from within Settings in the app.

I’m most excited about the second feature, something we call the Signing Extension, because of the huge productivity gains and seamless experience. Say you’ve got a document that someone sent you in Mail to sign. Currently, you’d have to tap on the document, then Open In the DocuSign app, sign the document, and then go back to Mail to send the document. The Signing Extension eliminates all that back and forth and allows you to DocuSign your document directly from within Mail. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the Signing Extension from other productivity apps, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Finally, if you’re planning on getting a shiny new iPhone 6, we’ve got you covered there too. With our iOS 8 release the DocuSign app will now automatically scale to fit your screen size, maximizing screen real estate and giving your productivity just a little extra boost.

We’re super excited about this major update to DocuSign for iOS. You’ll be able to enjoy these capabilities once iOS8 updates are available in the App Store on September 17th.

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