Why going paperless will put money back into your pocket

Did you know that every year, every Aussie office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, with approx. 50 per cent going straight in the bin? It’s a huge amount of waste and it has a huge impact on our environment. Further to this, it can affect a small biz owners’ bottom line.

The cost of hideous bulky file cabinets, storage facilities, photocopiers, printers, couriers and scanners are high, not to mention they can over-complicate business interactions. By taking your business green, you’re not only helping the environment, you’re freeing up a ton of cash and most often than not, creating a better and preferred experience for your customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to embrace a paperless attitude for the sake of your business.

  1. Australians want to connect digitally

Australian customers have one of the highest mobile adoption rates in the world as we look to increasingly connect with companies and brands in real-time. Being able to provide a mobile experience with customers is therefore becoming critical – so much so that even the federal government has now introduced a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to look at ways government agencies can streamline and personalise their interactions with citizens.

  1. It’s efficient and allows greater collaboration

How much time does your business waste printing, scanning, faxing and posting documents to transact business? Whilst it’s easy to use the same manual processes over and over again, using a digital transaction management platform like DocuSign means you can create re-usable business templates which can save you time and money and best of all, your employees can access your business templates on both their mobiles or desktops, providing even greater flexibility.

  1. Its environmentally friendly

Reduce your company carbon footprint by eradicating paper and the fossil fuel power used to drive printing and faxing. DocuSign started to quantify the impact the company is having on the environment since it started and in 2014 the company announced it had spared 158,410 trees. Think about how many trees your business could save!

  1. Say goodbye to storage space

Traditionally companies have used filing cabinets to store documents. These take up valuable office space, cost money and can be a pain to trail through if you need to search for an archived document.

Thanks to a huge range of new and innovative technologies, storing your documents and accessing them can be achieved a lot easier.

  1. Customer data is safe

Believe it or not, having customer data in the cloud can actually be safer than on paper. DocuSign offers Bank Grade Security and Operations with the highest levels of certification and audits. It also provides a legally-enforceable audit trail with every completed transaction that shows every action taken with the document, including who signed, what, when and where. Any documents completed on The DocuSign Global Trust Network have a tamper evident seal that shows if anyone attempted to alter the document in any way so all parties can trust the integrity of the document and the transaction.

  1. Company documents can’t be lost

Imagine if all of your business templates and processes were available in the cloud and accessible 24/7. Not only is it more secure to have your documents saved there but it means valuable company documents can’t be lost and can be accessed immediately.