Imagine a face-to-face meeting between an investor and his/her broker. In the middle of the table is a cluster of paperwork, choking this simple process for both the investor and their broker.

Flash the perspective to the investor, who we’ll call Stephanie – who hopes her hard earned money will build and increase over time. Stephanie is sitting across from her broker, so signing any accompanied paperwork isn’t an issue. However, keep in mind that this backdrop is imagined. In the real world, Stephanie travels for work and is never in the same place for more than a few days.  What will she do if her broker sends documents and she can’t sign them right away? Time is money. Why should Stephanie forfeit opportunities to grow her money just because she can’t run to a piece of machinery in time?

Flip the perspective over to the broker, let’s call him James – a well-meaning and diligent broker – who understands the urgency. While his client’s finances run of paramount concern, they don’t receive payment for their services if they cannot procure signed paperwork to fund the investor’s account.

Let’s identify the culprit in this stalemate: Paper.

Paper-based processes break down efficiency and jumble financial goals. In fact, consider paper the arch-nemesis of the Straight Through Processes (STP) that wealth management advisors equate with successful results.

What’s the cure? Simply enough, as our world goes digital, so should our financial transaction practices. Directly addressing this need are Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions that are synonymous to STP. Think about the following:

Invest in a Blink of an Eye – with digital tools with mobile offerings, an investor can move money or fund to an account in order to yield the financial growth that fuels their business and lives.


Speed Ahead of the Markets – Investors play in an uncertain arena where a minute can move the investing ball in an unexpected direction. Digital tools allow brokers to zoom ahead with funding accounts that honor investor’s needs, as well as their own compensation since they don’t make commission until the account is funded.


The key takeaway is that DTM tools are STP in action. These tools turn on a busy stream of success for both investors and brokers because they efficiently streamline a transaction that already carries emotional weight and financial implications. It’s easy to use, as it should be.

Have you ever funded an account using digital tools or solved investing pain points with digital tools? Let me know in the comments below.

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