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Vacation Uninterrupted: Mobile’s for more than selfies with your mummy.

195.9 million Americans will travel over the summer. The most popular destinations? 40% will go to the beach. 34% will take an adventurous road trip. 21% will visit a National Park.

 And, 50+% will scan their emails while doing all those fun things.

A Project Time Off study makes this vacation consternation even clearer: “Nearly a third (31%) of employees say they put “a lot” or “some” pressure on themselves to check in with work when they are on vacation.”  That same study found that over a third of us hesitate to take much needed time off because we fear we “will return to a mountain of work.”  But you don’t have to!

Work is bound to interfere with PTO. What can you do?

Vacation Uninterrupted. Yes, you can get away…without letting your responsibilities get away from you.

Thankfully, mobile technology can help you quickly check in on major projects and responsibilities…and just as quickly get back offline. Flip though this slideshare to learn more.

Visit the Vacation Uninterrupted page for more information.

See how mobile technology and DocuSign can help you quickly review and approve documents from anywhere. At anytime. All so you can get back to having fun.

Travel here now:  http://esign.docusign.com/vacation-uninterrupted

Sources:  AAA 2016 Study & Project Time Off “State of American Vacation 2016” Report


  1. That’s a nice article. Its good to have uninterrupted mobile services every country i visit.

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