Alright NAR Annual attendees. It’s that time again: packing time. And although we can’t deny the questionable adrenaline of stuffing a suitcase morning of, here’s a definitive list for all you pre-planners out there:

The full clothing spectrum: There’s going to be a number of events—from concerts (casual) to education sessions (business casual) to the Inaugural Gala (black tie). We recommend bringing a little of everything.

And let’s not forget shoes. Those oxfords are definitely stylish but are the the most comfortable when walking from session to session? Probably not. Save the pretty shoes for the Happy Hours. But hey, if you really want to wear those brand-new fall shoes, DocuSign is offering complimentary Pedicab services around the convention center. Talk about not heel-ing over (pun intended)!

Keep in mind that, though San Diego is wonderfully sunny, the convention center will have full-blasting AC.

All of the chargers: Seems obvious, and yet it’s always the most-needed things we seem to forget, is it not? Also, we all know this phenomenon too well: The more important what we’re doing on our phone, the lower our battery. Guard against it.

If you need to charge your devices–and perhaps yourself–there’s a Starbucks inside the convention center, as well as other coffee shops in the area like The Coffee Bean and Cafe Virtuoso.

Bonus tip: Bring extra chargers/external batteries and you’ll be a hero.

Business Cards: Not just the paper kind! 🙂 Business cards have followed us right along into the digital age, and accordingly, there are multiple options that can be linked to a QR code and delivered via SMS text messages. Here’s a great list of apps.  

NAR Mobile App: The floor is packed. You’ve got five minutes till your next session. Do you know where it is? Leave home equipped with the NAR Annual official event mobile app. You’ll be able to easily access meeting schedules, schedules, exhibitors and more.  

When in doubt, here’s our map to find the DocuSign Booth 1331:


Excited for NAR Annual? We are! Look forward to seeing you there!