This week sees London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. It’s a great opportunity for the city with increased visibility and tourism. However, with the increased number of people – from athletes to spectators to sponsors and more – comes the challenges of keeping business and industry on track – especially the estimated 4.7 million jobs based in central London alone.

The trains and tube manage admirably on a day to day basis – but add in all of the added traffic from the Olympics and the opportunity for gridlock, lengthy commutes and heightened frustration add up. Many businesses have planned ahead with programs to shift work patterns and enable employees to work from home.
The London 2012 organisers have been proactive providing help and information via, but this has mainly been about transport. So there is a gap here… Your employees are working remotely, but how do you ensure they can work effectively and carry on as usual whilst camped out in a spare room or on the living room couch?

This is where cloud technology shines.

We are all now used to being able to access our email from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Most businesses provide laptops rather than desktops as standard. Plus we have access to remote CRM/ERP solutions as standard. We can even divert phone calls to mobiles or make use of VoIP services.

The final remaining issue is paperwork… And just like those commuters, it has to move around central London amidst all of that congestion. Most businesses don’t really want to have to equip everyone with a printer, scanner and fax just to work from home for a couple of weeks. This is where DocuSign can help.

Contracts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Agreements etc. – all of these documents need filling in and signing throughout the course of daily business. Delays in the completion of these cost you in time and money.

DocuSign takes this process and puts it in the cloud, removing the reliance on paper to help you close business faster, easier and more securely. Since you can DocuSign anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-enabled device, you and your staff can do the same job working from home as in the office.

For employees for whom working at home during the 2012 Olympics is an option, DocuSign helps make it an efficient and effective choice without sacrificing work results or performance. In fact, DocuSign can help enhance your stay-at-home workforce by increasing speed to results, reducing costs, and creating a better customer, partner and employee experience.

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