The funny thing about DocuSign electronic signatures is that once it has been used once, more and more reasons to use it crop up everywhere. Even funnier, is how you can’t imagine living without it.

Case in point: I recently signed up for a new gym.  As we all know, with any gym – or doctor’s office, or dentist for that matter – there are forms to fill out, consent to, and sign.  In most cases, this has to be completed in person with paper and pen before the first use of the facility.  Most likely, the information will then be rekeyed into a computer system or possibly two.  This waste of time and paper is completely unnecessary in our modern era of computers and electronic communication.

My gym, I am happy to report, was quite sophisticated in comparison to what I’ve experienced before, at least, up to a point.  Instead of having to fill out forms in person, I received an email with the code of conduct, physical activity readiness, and release of liability waiver attached.  Their use of documents in electronic form was leaps and bounds beyond other gyms, but in the body of the email, I was instructed to print out, fill out, sign, and arrive with a hard copy of the attached forms.

I chuckled a little at the thought.  Did they not know where I worked?  Did they not see the at the end of my email address?  I took the opportunity to show them the future.  I uploaded the documents, tagged them, signed them, and had DocuSign email them back.  They loved it!

picture of tagged gym documents

It was so easy!  The documents were securely signed.  I have a copy.  The gym has a copy.  They are stored in the cloud.  It saved me the time and trouble of printing the documents and filling them out by hand, and it saved the gym the trouble of rekeying the data.  It eliminated the possibility of lost paperwork or missing signatures.

DocuSign is useful for everyone.  From multimillion-dollar enterprises to small businesses to individuals, DocuSign is an excellent solution to paperwork problems.  It occurred to me, I could put nearly anything into DocuSign.  The possibilities are boundless.  Just because other people and organizations are stuck in the past did not mean that I had to be.  I chose to move forward.  I chose to DocuSign.