Trust irrefutably resides at the heart of wealth management and banking. Despite our implicit dependence on mobile and digital technologies, our banking systems default to pen, paper and fax. But if customers enjoy the mobility of basic online banking, wouldn’t that translate seamlessly to other relevant demands of wealth management?

As CFO at DocuSign, I hone into both perspectives – the banker and the customer – from which I extract the driving themes that make up the current and future landscape.

Echoing the nation’s financial state, we are in a state of urgency. Not a moment should be wasted deliberating the demands of the banking industry and its customers.  In an interview with Jack Sweeney of middlemarketexecutive.comHow Finance is Empowering Strategy Execution at – I highlighted that in less than two years, “Apple’s iPad tablet achieved a 10 percent penetration on the U.S. population.” We cannot doubt the veracity of digital transactions via mobile platforms and must address the transition and its beneficial implications in 2014.

In a 2011 report commissioned for mobile-baking vendor ClairMail Inc., analyst group TowerGroup studied the rise in mobile demand. The report strongly noted that while mobile offerings used to be a nice banking companion, it is “emerging as a mainstream offering for banks of all sizes.” However, in a recent study featured in a white paper from Booz & Company, “only 22 of 50 private banks had optimized their websites to integrate smartphone applications.[1]” I would like to debunk the theory that a digital business will replace the traditional personal relationship-driven model. Instead, I believe that mobile platforms and digital transaction management serve to augment client interactions through a “high-touch, high-tech” model that offers 21st century service.

Increased Value and ROI: Mobile apps offer predictive analytics that identify client needs which keeps wealth managers ahead of the curve and thus invaluable to the client. A paperless process slashes operational costs and sustainably saves time and resources.

Ironclad Compliance and Risk Management: Easily manage alerts and market warnings while easily managing portfolios and maintaining compliance from a single platform.

Deepened Client Loyalty: Mobile platforms offer increased personalized attention leading to client growth and retention.

Trust, circling back to the opening sentence, is the foundation of a thriving wealth management business. However, I look forward to speaking to you about how the mobile platform is the 21st century solution for infallible trust.

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