We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM.” How about taking our own spin on that – ‘Everybody gets hired for choosing digital platforms.’ A key trend from the keynote sessions at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015, Digital Transaction Management (DTM) drives transformational impact, not only on a business, but also on individual careers.

Another String To Your Bow

If you’re at the forefront of bringing Digital Transaction Management to your business, you’re going to put yourself in the running for promotion. The reason for that is simple: Going digital is not a purely technological decision, it is in fact a business decision.

Organisations across all verticals, from real estate to the charity sector, are completely changing the way they work, through DocuSign. So an individual who champions DTM and is influential in its implementation is not just speeding up traditional workflows – they are changing the way a business works. That’s a great note to add to your CV.

Getting Back To Your Roots 

It’s not just the transformational element of the business itself that can change the course of someone’s career. On a practical level DTM offers so much for an individual. The sheer amount of time saved allows companies the chance to focus on their raison d’etre, or what they went into business for. From our array of speakers this week we’ve seen the likes of UBS, the United States Postal Service and the international non-profit organisation, Charity: Water save exponential amounts of time by running their business operations with DTM. These results look great on a spreadsheet but let’s take a look at what this really means within a business.

Digitally empowered employees can pull out all the stops to show your customers the level of service that will keep them coming back. The side effect: a bright outlook for their career progression. Their contributions will be resoundingly dramatic; likewise, they’ll play a significant role in the growth of the business. If your company is going from strength to strength through DTM, surely it follows that those wielding the tools should go from strength to strength in their own careers.

So let’s not just focus on the way that we can transform businesses, let’s also focus on how we transform individual careers.