I love that honest comment. It’s just one of the fantastic quotes I got when I recently reached out to our Human Resources organization for insights into what is altering their world the most. I thank Casey LeMay, HR Administrator, for drawing the short straw and playing along with my Q&A.

The first impression, the second, the one-thousandth.

We all interact with HR, no matter the size of the company where we work. I asked Casey about the greatest service a modern HR department can provide.

Casey Answers: “Inspiration. Trust. Consistency. They’re all the ‘greatest’ services we provide. It’s getting to be such a competitive workplace and HR has become the realtor of business. Finding the right place for a person quickly, easing the paperwork process, closing the deal before someone else can. With better onboarding, better employee development programs, and more resources, HR can easily be a game-changer. But that can quickly become compromised by the pains of paperwork.”

The dreaded topic: Gen X/Y-ers vs. Millennials.

With the mention of paperwork pains, I immediately thought of what the workforce is used to in their daily lives. I’m a Gen X-er…tragically used to abusing copy machines and signing with a pen. I’m quickly changing. But what about others in generations that have come after?

Casey says: “I grew up on both sides of the coin; everything wasn’t completely digital for me until my early 20s. So, I struggle between the urge to need physical copies of documents in order to comprehend them fully (think college) and the ease of having everything online.”

My Follow-Up: “Does that create a conflict considering where you work?”

Casey Answers: “Not at all. DocuSign tools work great with however you’re wired.”

Complete disclosure. We use DocuSign.

This is not meant to be a blatant “ad” for our products. But our HR uses the tools we sell so I asked Casey to expand on her last comment.

Casey Answers: “I use DocuSign daily. I receive critical data from recruiters for candidate offers that I draft and send through DocuSign. In addition, I send all new hire paperwork (direct deposit info, W4, state tax withholding, confidentiality agreements) and policy paperwork (handbook, benefit plans, compliance checklists) to be DocuSigned.”

My Question: “Is that what creates the most ‘curb appeal’ (to fall back on that earlier realtor analogy)?”

Casey Answers: “It certainly gets them excited to see the product at work, first hand. They DocuSign their offers and are able to route common forms like a W4 simply by logging in, selecting a template and filling in the necessary fields. HR and Payroll are automatically copied and we update records the same day as we get the forms because of DocuSign’s integration with our backend systems. No need to fill out the form by hand, scan it, email it, and then have it entered into the system a few days later. It’s very stream lined and I can’t really imagine doing it any other way.”

In closing…(which, thankfully, requires no faxing.)

“Employee engagement” was recently named as one of the top HR concerns for this year (CMSWire “Five Hot HR Tech Trends for 2015”). And what’s the primary way that HR engages with new hires and long-timers? Paperwork. In response, Casey sums it up: “Any way we can make that aspect as easy and even enjoyable as possible is a huge plus. DocuSign does that so we put our best [technology] foot forward with prospects, new hires and employees.”

To see how DocuSign can be used in your HR department to improve employee engagement, read the new eBook: Business at the Speed of…Paper? How Human Resources can Eliminate the Paper Pain and Create Competitive Differentiation.