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A Site to Be Seen: Alberto Viotto on the New DocuSign.com

Alberto Viotto, Senior Director of Web Marketing & Strategy, shares his insights on what makes a compelling website, and how DocuSign’s new site  (www.docusign.com) will provide a more customized and relevant user experience than ever before.

Since joining DocuSign several months ago, my mission has been simple: Highlight what digital transformation can do to impact the business. Yes, it makes business faster, more convenient, and less costly — but how do these benefits actually affect people on an individual basis?

While hundreds of thousands of individuals visit DocuSign.com each month, our job was to help create a website which didn’t just highlight the benefits of our product, but vividly illustrated how DocuSign impacts your day-to-day work based on your specific career and industry.

We received numerous suggestions leading up to our relaunch: Could we provide a stronger sense of leadership on the site? Could the site be optimized for mobile? Could the site act as an entry point for each and every one of our hundreds of thousands of customers, yet provide each with the right information finely attuned to their individual needs?

You asked — we listened. But it would take intuition, talent, and work from members across multiple teams. We started with the story of how the Special Olympics’ implementation of DocuSign helped athletes provide all documentation required, and complete said documentation from all around the world. While this is just one customer-centric story, it’s a reflection of DocuSign’s continually expanding capacity to provide businesses, organizations, nonprofits and more with a consistent, reliable, cost-effective means to transact business instantly and securely in just a few taps.

How long did it take to turn this idea of DocuSign’s customizable power into a website? Over the span of five weeks, we went from analyzing data and feedback, to deciding the direction our content strategy would take, to executing. We developed an editorial committee  with people from PR, Marketing, Sales, Product and more. We wanted a set of distinct opinions and voices. It was a very collaborative effort.

Of course, you can’t go digital without analyzing data. We found that our customers typically don’t  like scrolling far down the page — so we incorporated this into our redesign. We wanted to make important content more prominent and increase the clarity of where each button would lead.

Our goal is that everyone will find relevant content finely-tuned to their interests: from Transaction Rooms, to Payments, to the Winter Release, we’re putting out dynamic, varied content that’s relevant to our visitors based on what they do and where they work.  Personalization is a large part of our innovation: Not everyone will have the same experience on the DocuSign website. If two people with two different backgrounds come to our websites — say one an SMB owner and another a digital marketer —  they will have two unique experiences with content curated for their specific goals.

The most important thing I’ve learned from this project is to have a clear objective. This project was successful because we had a strong, consistent vision for what we wanted. All in all, the launch of the new site has been a great learning experience — but it’s really only the beginning. It has brought together a rich variety of people with different backgrounds, different strengths, and different experiences. As we move toward a second release, we’re continually searching for more ways to make the user experience even more dynamic and helpful.

Want to see more? Visit the new DocuSign.com here.

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  1. Congratulations Alberto and team! The new site looks fantastic, excited to see how you continue to personalize the digital journey for your visitors!

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