What’s a signature line, but a blank space to make your statement so loud and clear that it's always a surprise. 

After all, we’re talking about John Hancock and how he slashed his mark into Declaration of Independence.

He wanted his name to be seen – his legacy remembered.

And it worked. Look at his signature and tell me what you think:

Change, influence, power, revolution, and success to name a few.

But guess what: today we all pull a John Hancock in our personal and business lives.

Signing a property transaction tonight? That’s a milestone. Savor it.

Close an epic business deal that sets your start-up for the big leagues? Rock it in celebration.

Happy Birthday, John Hancock! You turned the act and intent of signing into an experience. We fill our blank spaces with a physical manifestation of moving forward. And we all want to be onwards and upwards with our lives and businesses.

But wait. In 1776, ink and quill made a statement, but it’s 2015 and the ink is drying and crusting at the edges. Our handwritten signatures don’t hold the same oomph it did when John scratched his name into history.

When it comes to handwritten signatures today, we are either indifferent (i.e. receipts) or ready for our heads to roll off (i.e tracking missing signatures on contracts).

Wouldn’t you say it’s time to zhush things up? Why not drop the pen? Trust us, it’s not sacrilege to suggest, especially on John’s birthday.

Taking the electronic route with signatures adds another quality to the signing ceremony: assurance. When it’s signed electronically, you mean business (digital business, that is to say).

You don’t just click in your signature, you click in guaranteed results. Electronic signatures managed on a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform gives you the same power John Hancock wielded back then in 1776.  But this time around, you're totally assured that your signature will make waves. You might not be forming your own country (and you certainly could), but you need the assurance that your signature will be readable, track-able, find-able and legally enforceable.

Today’s electronic John Hancock helps you make a signature epic.

Just (Docu)Sign it.

Happy Birthday, John and thank you for teaching us how to make a statement.

Learn more about making that statement, click here