So, here you are, a budding DocuSigner.  You’ve created a DocuSign account, signed a few documents, and are starting to really hit your stride.  Things are going great, but you don’t want your documents getting disorganized. Whether it’s multiple business contracts or permission slips for each of your children, you want to get organized.  This Tuesday Tip will help you sync DocuSign with your cloud based document service of choice, organize your documents, and take your DocuSign experience to the next level.

DocuSign integrates with seven cloud based document storage platforms: Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Salesforce.  There are lots to choose from, so take your pick.  We’re giving an example using Box – the benefits of coming first in alphabetical order.

Here, we have a Box account that has multiple permission slips and contracts.  I’m going to show you how to sync Box with DocuSign so documents can be signed, and organized on the go.


On the home page of DocuSign, after logging in, the above window will appear near the top of your screen.  To import documents from a cloud-based service, click on “Cloud Document.”


It will prompt you to select a cloud-based service with which to Sync.


Fill out the login information and connect with the cloud-based service of your choice.  This window will appear.


Back in the “Manage” tab in DocuSign, you will see the icon of the cloud-based service you have synced.


When the icon is clicked, the synced documents will appear.


Now that the cloud-based file storage service and DocuSign are synced, the fun can really begin.  Next, we created two folders in Box.  We dragged the two permission slips into the folder named “Permission slips” and the two contracts into the folder named “contracts.”


Now, return to DocuSign and reload the page.  The folders have been synced, and the files are now organized within DocuSign. Success!


Using a cloud-based document storage service is a great way to keep your documents accessible and organized within DocuSign.  Happy DocuSigning!