DocuSign Ink gives users the ability to send documents for remote signature from their mobile devices, but did you know it is also possible to use DocuSign Ink to do in-person signing?  Whether you want the extra security of an in-person signature, or whether getting an in-person signature is more convenient than a remote signature, the steps are easy and intuitive.

In-person signing with DocuSign Ink is very similar to remote signing, except the entire process is completed on the sender’s mobile device.  Open DocuSign Ink and tap “Sign & Send.”

Tap “Add a document” and select the document that needs DocuSigning.  Then tap “Add a Signer.”  Fill in the signer’s name, their email address, and select “In-Person Signer” as their role.  This will make it so the signature from the signer must be executed on the sender’s mobile device.



The next steps are very similar to the process for remote signing.  Tag the document with our new mobile tagging features available on DocuSign Ink 2.3 for iOS.  Once the signer is present, tap “Host Signing.”


At this point, pass the mobile device to the signer.  Their name will appear and they will be prompted to begin the signing process.


They DocuSign the document as they usually would on a mobile device.  Tap “Adopt” to accept a signature and tap “Next” when finished signing.


The signer is prompted to return the mobile device back to the sender …



… And it’s finished!  In-person signing is another way to make DocuSign more convenient for you.  Just like remote signing, it is safe, secure, and legally binding.  Happy DocuSigning!