Quick Tip - Cloning Envelopes

Sometimes you have to send the same envelope to the same person and you don’t want to completely recreate the envelope. Other times, you may want to send the same envelope to the same or to a different person with only slight adjustments. Cloning an envelope will let you do both of these and save you time. Also, if your account can’t create and use templates, this is a good way to save time and achieve a similar result.

Here’s how to do it. To clone an envelope, click on the “Manage” tab. Find and select the envelope that you want to clone. It can be in your Inbox or in the Sent folder.


Click on “Actions” and select “Clone.”


Cloning opens the envelope so it can be sent as a new envelope with all the same documents, recipients and tags.  The envelope is opened in the Send navigation tab.  Any or all of the information in the envelope can be edited before the new envelope is sent.


The envelope has all the same tags and fields on the documents.  These can be edited or left alone.


Send the envelope the same as you would any other envelope.  Cloning envelopes is another way that Docusign is saving you time and keeping business digital.  Happy DocuSigning!

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