While there’s a threshold at which earning more money doesn’t directly translate into higher levels of happiness, studies on charitable giving show that it has an unlimited capacity to make us happier and even lower our blood pressure.

At DocuSign, we make philanthropy a top priority through our DocuSign IMPACT organization. Running a successful company and making a real difference for others isn’t an either/or situation. Rather, the goals are one and the same: Offering our time, our help, and our technology to nonprofits at a special rate is part of our success.

One of our most valued partnerships is with The Special Olympics. Many of the athletes in the Special Olympics have been training for years. From conditioning to traveling, preparing for the event requires a huge amount of energy. This is why the possibility of lost or forgotten waivers or other important forms should — and can — be completely eliminated. DocuSign allows all forms to be stored electronically, accessed in an instant from any location, and filled out in just a few taps.

This enables Special Olympics staff to devote more time to the athletes and the athletes to focus on what matters: Practicing their gymnastics routine, shaving valuable seconds off their running time, and perfecting their backstroke.

By using DocuSign, the global organization was able to redirect more of their energy, finances, and time to the athletes themselves, while eliminating the lost time and money previously spent on paperwork.

“I’m really excited about the fact that a company like DocuSign is taking an interest in our athletes. Because if we can get every other corporation to have that same approach, the world would be a very different place,” said Dave Lenox, President and CEO, Special Olympics Washington.

All 501(c)(3) nonprofits looking to redirect their funds and energy towards their mission are welcome to leverage DocuSign at a special rate here.  

This holiday season, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the cascade of giving and volunteering. Whether it’s contributing to the Special Olympics, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, or helping your neighbor salt their driveway, you have our applause, our admiration, and our thanks.

Happy Holidays from DocuSign.