With eSignatures remaining relatively new to many industries, many may ask, “What benefits will eSignatures be able to provide me?” It may be hard to believe that eSignatures can provide countless positive results for many different types of businesses. However, Ombud has discovered that eSignature solutions provide enterprises of all sizes and industries with new opportunities and powerful capabilities.

Recently, Ombud performed an open research report on eSignature solutions, analyzing the results of using eSignature. Ombud’s real-time research gives readers a new level of insight with quantitative and qualitative analysis of eSignature benefits across multiple industries. The top four eSignature vendors are evaluated with DocuSign ranking highest across all research categories. Ombud named DocuSign the “category leader”.

According to the report, “DocuSign’s continued investment in innovation, product roadmap and customer satisfaction has established its offering as the category leader. DocuSign offers the strongest overall Platform Capability and the highest marks in Sender Ease of Use, Security, Extensibility and the critical area of Customer Success.” DocuSign has helped industries face business challenges, build solutions, and achieve fantastic long term results.

So, let’s return to the first question: “What benefits will eSignature be able to provide me?”

According to Ombud, enterprises that utilize eSignature maximize overall firm value by streamlining business workflows, reducing costs, and securing end-to-end processes. Firms can save an average of $20 per document, reduce turnaround times by up to 80 percent, and see return in investments over the next five years that can top $50 million. In addition, these firms have also jumped up to 54 points in their Net Promoter Score, demonstrating a huge increase in measurable customer loyalty directly attributed to customer experience of eSignatures.

Many specific industries generated incredible positive change as well. Financial services shortened the time needed to activate new accounts, exponentially saving time and paper costs. Governmental agencies used the robust eSignature platform to solve anticipated $150 million fiscal gaps with an average savings of about $20 per document. Provider contract turnaround time for insurance companies was reduced from a month to two days with signed documents returning in as little as four minutes. Professional services organizations also cut turnaround time by 80%, which helped cultivate a more positive relationship with partnering companies.

“What benefits will eSignature be able to provide me?” Each company in each industry will generate their own unique results. Yet, all these results have enhanced each business workflow, demonstrating the true power and countless benefits that lie within eSignatures solutions.

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