Ah, to have more hours in the day. We all love it, and want it to happen more often. And while we know that DocuSign alleviates the tedium of office paperwork and gives us back much of our most precious resource — time — there are many ways to use DocuSign outside the office, too.  We’ve collected some of the everyday use cases in which customers have DocuSigned to get things done more easily and more efficiently. They’re moving forward, are you?

Unique DocuSign 1: Finalizing a fun wager

Gentlemen’s bets are all well and good, but if your brother-in-law tries to wriggle out of having to wear a tutu all day long after losing a wager, and/or cough up the twenty bucks he owes you, there’s nothing quite like having his digital signature on hand to give him a little nudge to follow through.  If you’re looking to make a fun bet this year (perhaps on who will win the Superbowl, or who can get the most roses on Valentine’s Day) DocuSign is an ideal tool to lock in the predictions and John Hancocks of all participants.

Unique DocuSign 2: Assigning potluck items

Winging it: Good for some things, not for potlucks–lest you wind up with 18 different kinds of beverages, platters galore of plain scoop-style Tostitos minus the dip, and no entrees. While parties are never easy to throw, delegating who brings which dish can be. With DocuSign you can easily send out an “initial under what you’re bringing” list to all attendees clearly assigning desserts to Sarah and Robert, dinner to Molly and Nadine, and appetizers to Allen and Cathy.

Unique DocuSign 3: Signing a permission slip

Most of us had it happen as kids: We watched as our gleeful classmates filtered out onto the school bus, headed to the zoo or park or roller skating rink as we sat in the empty classroom twiddling our thumbs. We had done the unthinkable: Forgot our permission slip — and would spend the next six hours ruminating on what could’ve been (and perhaps, even worse, practicing our long division).

Thankfully, Generation Z-ers may never have to experience the sting of being left behind while their classmates frolic at the beach or amusement park. With DocuSign, you can easily sign your child’s permission slip electronically and send back to the school instantly.

Unique DocuSign 4: Signing a birthday card

Let’s be honest: There’s nothing quite so charming as a handwritten signature. And while eCards bring us the convenience of the digital age, they miss out on one very important thing: You. And the personal touch of your real signature. So how do you leverage both the charm of letters and the convenience of technology?

With DocuSign, you can sign (draw) your signature on a birthday card while still sending it to Uncle Melvin in just a few clicks.

Unique DocuSign 5: Starting a club

While Mr. Durden may have opted to fly under the radar with his club, most groups like to keep accurate records on membership, tasks, etc. The first rule of starting a club? Talk about the club. And keep accurate records. Learn the talents and interests of all members so as to best assign roles. With DocuSign, you can send out documents detailing each member’s individual purpose (perhaps a secretary, a President, a treasurer, etc.) and the responsibilities assigned to each position. New club updates? Membership rules? Roster? List of must-have books to read in 2016? These are all documents that can be sent out, viewed, managed, and signed with DocuSign–anytime, anywhere (even a secret clubhouse).

These are just several ideas for using DocuSign outside the good old 9-5. Have any thoughts of your own? Let us know in the comments!