It’s not something I’m proud of, mark my words. And no, I didn’t go out stalking defenseless pine trees, striking them down when they least expected it.

As an average American office worker, statistically I used the equivalent of a 40-foot hardwood tree every year, printing, copying, scribbling, etc.  So, I might as well have been swinging that axe myself.

A single tree may not seem that big of a deal, but….

When you consider every person in the country is chopping down his or her own fir, larch, or birch that adds up to a staggering 400 million trees every year!

There’s so much we can do to stop the green massacre, starting right at where you work.

Watch this video and see all the details.

For years, business has been built on paper: from contracts and brochures to purchase orders and invoices. This video explores the heavy toll all that printing and sending and copying and filing forms has on natural resources. And still does. Every day. And how switching to digital document review, approval, and signature can make a stunning difference.

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