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Looks like most everything can be done on a digital device. Is your office keeping up?

As a fun side-job, I sing with several professional choirs. Over the past couple of years, I have noticed more and more musicians of all kinds using iPads and other tablets instead of paper music. It got me thinking just how much we all are starting to rely on multiple digital devices to do our jobs; in the office and out of it.

3 Billion people use the internet everyday. 80% of those folks own a smart device.

That stat from smartinsites.com should be no great surprise. Just consider the number of email responses you get that have “Sent from iPhone” or something similar at the bottom (plus all the inevitable fat-thumb typos.) But smart devices are not just being used to keep up with office emails. They have become an extension of our desktops and laptops, allowing for real work to be done whenever and wherever life takes one.

This new ebook explores mobile’s role in transforming the world’s workplaces.


eBook: Sign anywhere. Making your work life better, faster, easier (and cooler) with mobile technology.  >> Download it now

 Here’s a peek at some of the interesting stats you’ll find inside.

  • 33% of the world does all internet activity via a mobile device
  • By 2020, nearly ¾ of the US workforce will be classified as “mobile workers” and will use 4 to 5 smart devices to do their daily work.
  • The US only ranks 13th in the percentage of smartphone penetration by country

So how do you put all that mobile computing power to work for your business?

The simple answer is to make it possible and secure for your employees to use their own devices to do their jobs. The more complex part of that is ensuring your workflows and processes are fully supported on any mobile platforms.

But first, download the ebook and consider your options.



  1. I am looking forward to reading the E Book.

  2. Mobile workers are new generation workers.

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