How Integrations Supercharge the Docusign Free Trial

Considering a Docusign 30-day free trial?

Our free trial is more than just a preview of our e-signature software, in large part thanks to integrations. More than one million Docusign customers take advantage of our 400+ integrations every day to manage the agreement process from end to end. In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock the power of your trial using integrations with five fan-favorite pieces of tech: Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Stripe and Slack. 

Microsoft for agile teams and increased collaboration

Chances are you use Microsoft products to engage your workforce, enhance customer solutions and collaborate. In 2022, Microsoft reported a whopping 270 million monthly active users in Microsoft Teams, and on average, each of those people interacts with Teams 1,500 times per month—spending more time there than in email.

Meanwhile, a recent Docusign study found that 68% of respondents create their contracts in Microsoft Word.

Your e-signature solution needs to communicate with the Microsoft apps your employees could be spending most of their time in. Our Microsoft integrations help teams do business within the systems they already know and love.

Explore Microsoft + Docusign integrations:

  • Docusign eSignature for Teams: Accelerate the agreement process when you add Docusign eSignature to Microsoft Teams. Customers can communicate quickly and stay on top of the agreement process through real-time notifications, including reminder and signing notifications. Teams can also bring eSignature workflows into their existing processes. All agreements can be viewed in one dashboard.
  • Docusign eSignature for Word: Sign or send documents directly from Microsoft Word—all while keeping secure information like NDAs or legal forms secure and stored only in one place. (No more five-step processes or converting documents to PDFs.)
  • Docusign eSignature for Outlook: Without leaving your inbox, sign or collect signatures for any document. Templates and pre-populated email fields help teams send agreements to the right people in less time.
  • Docusign eSignature for SharePoint Online: Store, sign and send all your agreements digitally from your SharePoint Online document library. All completed agreements are securely saved back to SharePoint, with advanced document management capabilities like preserving metadata from the original files for easier agreement management. You can also pre-polulate data from SharePoint lists into a Docusign template and save data from a Docusign agreement into a SharePoint list.
  • Docusign eSignature for Power Automate: Docusign for Power Automate pairs Microsoft apps and data with the functionality of eSignature. With just one click and no developer resources needed, you can construct customized, automated workflows across the entire agreement process, before, during and after signature.

Integration benefits

As a Microsoft preferred solution, Docusign eSignature helps teams prepare, sign, store and manage agreements. This easy collaboration streamlines agreement processes across teams.

By integrating Microsoft with Docusign, teams experience heightened productivity throughout the contract lifecycle: agreement creation, team collaboration, e-signatures and ongoing agreement management. Real-time notifications and status updates keep everyone—and every agreement—moving along from request to signature to cloud storage provider.

Documents are also sent to the right people. When teams can easily sign or send documents from the systems they’re already working in, this reduces errors and keeps business moving.

Google Workspace for improved workflows and faster business

Some teams use Google Docs to generate contracts, create new hire onboarding and manage invoices. Others use Google Drive to store files in one centralized location. Maybe you’ve even got Gmail open right now.

Whatever your Google solution, our Google integrations bring Docusign eSignature directly into your existing Google Workspace.

Explore Google Workspace + Docusign eSignature integrations:

  • Docusign eSignature for Drive: The old way of signing is printing, scanning, storing and sending your documents. This leads to lost files and haphazard security along the way. Instead, automatically save your completed agreements in Docusign to a Drive folder - keeping your stored agreements in the platform you already use. 
  • Docusign eSignature for Gmail: Sign and send agreements right in Gmail. This cuts down on steps to save, export or find your agreements. With one click of the Docusign icon in the Google Workspace Add-on sidebar, you can easily send email attachments and obtain an e-signature.
  • Docusign eSignature for Docs: Prepare agreements in Google Docs, then sign and send them with Docusign eSignature. With a simple click into the Docusign eSignature integration, we’ll automatically upload the agreement into Docs and seamlessly request e-signatures. 
  • Docusign eSignature for Chrome: With the Chrome Enterprise Recommended Docusign Google integration, you can holistically manage the agreement process from your Chrome browser. Stay up to date on all your agreements sent for e-signature, while browsing your favorite sites
  • Docusign Mobile App for Android: Get the power of Docusign eSignature anywhere, at any time. Send agreements for e-signature, upload and sign documents yourself, and send instant reminders to the next signer while on the go. No matter if you’re in the airport, at the gym or commuting home, you can move agreements forward.

Integration benefits

Download our Unified app to get access to Docusign eSignature in Gmail, Drive and Docs. To get access to Docusign eSignature in Chrome, install the Chrome integration from the Chrome Web Store. These pre-built integrations enable teams to move faster when securing important agreements.

By connecting Docusign with the Google apps you frequently use, your agreements live in the same ecosystem. Your customers and teammates will also find it easy to send, sign and find documents. No more time wasted at the scanner or hosting agreements on multiple platforms.

Zoom for real-time e-signatures and secure processes

The process of sending and signing documents via email can become time-consuming and frustrating, especially when a signer may have questions about what they are signing. We’ve adapted our tools for today’s hybrid workforce. Docusign eSignature for Zoom makes it possible to get e-signatures in real time, without the endless back and forth.

How Zoom + Docusign work together:

  • Review agreements live: Instead of sending documents for signature, teams can walk through agreements live. It’s the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting; your customers can ask questions and get answers instantly before making agreements official.
  • Manage agreements securely: Zoom’s high level of platform security reduces risk while gaining signatures. Thanks to Docusign Identify, you offer customers a connected signing and identity verification experience that seamlessly handles authentication.
  • Move faster than ever: Reviewing and signing agreements in the same Zoom room enables teams to move more quickly and stay productive—letting innovation become the top priority.

Integration benefits

As workforces constantly connect across time zones, signing in person is no longer the norm. Signing via email doesn’t have to be, either. Docusign eSignature for Zoom provides your customers with the trust and connection that matters when it comes to signing agreements digitally. 

Stripe for centralized records and faster transactions

Today, too many businesses use one software to request signatures for a contract, and another system to obtain payments for the work. Not pictured in this scenario is the inevitable loss of information, missed deadlines and incorrect payments. Why can’t we just create one streamlined workflow instead? (Spoiler: We did.)

To merge your agreements with payments, Docusign eSignature for Stripe turns these two steps into one centralized pathway for doing business.

With this integration, teams can:

  • Review and create agreements from their Stripe dashboard: Agreements can be auto-populated with key signer details, making it easier to obtain e-signatures. This also creates better user experiences for the customer.
  • Centralize payment and agreement info: Cut down your existing workflow and explore the connections between your payments and agreements in one single view, side by side.
  • Quickly set up recurring payments: By reviewing agreement terms and payment information in the same window, you can quickly set up recurring payments—without spending time digging for the appropriate agreement and confirming its terms.

Integration benefits

Docusign eSignature for Stripe puts financial and agreement information at your fingertips, giving teams what they need to streamline payments and complete transactions faster. No more toggling back and forth between the two platforms. When agreements are linked to payments, finance teams can easily sync up payments with their corresponding contract. 

Slack for better team synergy and convenient signatures

Sure, getting agreements across the finish line via email is a tried-and-true process. It’s what teams have done for decades. But there’s an easier way that prizes collaboration—Docusign eSignature for Slack.

It’s a breath of fresh air when deal teams can view, sign and complete agreements on the go. Improve every step when you bring the agreement process into Slack, a top-rated platform designed for productivity.

Integration benefits

Docusign eSignature for Slack makes it possible to:

  • Use robust templates: Teams not only send agreements but create agreements quickly thanks to our library of templates for a variety of use cases. Build custom sales contracts, training decks or finance reporting forms right in Slack.  
  • Celebrate the power of notifications: In a remote workforce, real-time notifications can keep the agreement process moving along, even across time zones. This is especially helpful when the team is waiting on a few outstanding signatures.

No more switching apps to complete the end-to-end agreement process. Everything can be handled in one secure dashboard that your teams already communicate in.

A note for developers about Docusign APIs 

Along with Docusign’s out-of-the-box integrations, we also offer a Docusign Developer account to test APIs across their eSignature and agreement lifecycle. (For non-developers: An API is an element of coding that helps multiple pieces of software speak in order to iterate products.)

A few use cases for Docusign APIs: RevOps teams building out deal desk software can automate signatures so they close deals faster. Meanwhile, compliance documents can be updated for the best user experience.

With SDKs in six languages, postman collections and a free developer account, Docusign APIs help developers:

  • Automate eSignature requests: Create an automated process. When triggered, the automation sends agreements to the right contacts to get e-signatures.
  • Embed Docusign eSignature: Give customers multiple ways to agree, by helping them sign documents right in your app. Thousands of companies, including Google, Intuit, Uber and Salesforce have integrated their apps with the Docusign Platform.
  • Optimize form data: Create stickier user experiences by experimenting with form and field data, from signatures to initials to other key details about the signer.
  • Create one-click actions: Capture consent to standard agreement terms with a single click.
  • Improve authorization: Implement ID Verification to identify key recipients during the signing process.

Expand what’s possible with a Docusign free trial

It likely won’t take you a full 30 days to see how productive and innovative your team can be with Docusign when it’s integrated with your current tech stack.

Just take it from Fortune 100 company United Airlines. With more than 87,000 employees, onboarding new hires was a taxing process that included hand-delivered pen-and-paper forms and background checks that needed physical signatures. The team decided to integrate Docusign with their HR platform ServiceNow.

Here’s what happened next: Electronic forms were rolled out for background checks, and pre-populated with employee data. After e-signatures were received, documents were seamlessly stored in ServiceNow—and United’s HR team could finally breathe easier.

“The transition from ServiceNow to Docusign is seamless. From the employee’s perspective, it looks and feels like everything is happening in our Help Hub portal,” says Stefan Josephson, Senior Manager of IT Application Development at United Airlines.

Want this same kind of seamless experience for your customers or new hires? Get started with your 30-day free trial today and unlock our full suite of e-signature integrations and solutions.

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