Bring Payments and Agreements Together with Docusign eSignature for Stripe

It’s not always easy for businesses to simplify workflows. That’s especially true when customer and transaction information lives in one system, while contracts or other agreements live in another. And the problem is often compounded as most businesses use different SaaS providers to solve each business-critical problem they have. While each of these solutions is necessary, they’re often siloed—resulting in a patchwork of manual  workarounds with varying degrees of success.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with Stripe, a leading financial infrastructure platform, on the Docusign eSignature app—available now in the Stripe App Marketplace.

The eSignature app lets Stripe users view existing agreements, and launch new agreements, right from their Stripe dashboards. This means that Stripe users no longer need to swivel between the two platforms to complete transactions, support customers, or review transactions side-by-side with their underlying agreements.

Built on the eSignature API, this app combines the power of Stripe and Docusign in a single view so you can:

View Docusign eSignature agreements in Stripe

Make it easy for account, finance, support and other teams to view eSignature agreements and Stripe payments side-by-side so they can set up recurring payments, check agreement status and audit charges without ever leaving Stripe. Docusign envelopes can be linked to Stripe customers, payments, invoices, and subscriptions.

Launch new Docusign eSignature agreements from Stripe

Initiate new eSignature agreements directly from the Stripe dashboard, auto-populated with signer information like customer name and email address—to complete transactions and get paid faster. Newly created envelopes will also be automatically linked to the right Stripe object records.

Stripe and DocuSign eSignature integration screenshot

How it works:

  • Create or log into your Stripe account
  • Install the Docusign eSignature app from the Stripe App Marketplace
  • Log into your existing Docusign account or sign up for a 30-day free trial
  • Link agreements with transactions, customers, payments, invoices or subscriptions
  • Launch agreements directly from Stripe
  • View the status of agreements in your Stripe dashboard

You can get started with the Docusign eSignature app for Stripe today by installing it from the Stripe App Marketplace.

Not a Docusign customer yet? Get started today with a free 30-day trial and see how easy it is to use Docusign and Stripe together.