Here are some digital ways to ensure you keep customers smiling.

What’s one of the first things mentioned in a negative online product review? How hard the product was to use.  The ticked-off person freely expresses their displeasure at the difficulties faced getting whatever they purchased up and running – from a kid’s toy to a sophisticated piece of electronics.

Nowadays, that same hyper-expectation for things to be “easy” extends to our work lives.  Office processes that are cumbersome or worse yet, nonsensical, get users (customers and employees) just plain grumpy.

The danger is that “feeling grumpy” is sometimes enough reason for them to stop bothering with you at all.

It is no wonder, then, that in a recent Forbes online article (Top 10 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2017), the author listed customer experience (including employees) as the ultimate goal of digital nirvana. “Every touch point matters, and those leading the transformation should constantly be asking how are we removing friction and enhancing every experience…”

With this in mind, we present some timely thought leadership around enhancing your own Customer Experiences (CX) with digital technology.


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By the end of this year, 89% of companies expect their customer experience to be their primary differentiator (Gartner Research). And that includes the process interactions had between fellow employees and internal departments. Ensure you’re creating the very best. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with more grumpy than you can handle.