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Get Swept Up in the DocuSign Fall ’15 Release

As the temperatures cool down from summer to fall, our innovations here at DocuSign are heating up! Take a walk with us on what features and functionalities are available to you now with the DocuSign Fall ’15 Release, from the new Support Center to support for the all-new Windows 10 platform.

DocuSign Support Center

One of our company’s mantras is, “We measure our success by our customers’ success.” It serves as a guiding principle, and to that end, we’re excited to introduce the DocuSign Support Center. This brand new site enables us to deliver global, world-class service to you, our valuable customers.

Now, look forward to submitting and managing your cases online, accessing robust knowledge base and community forums, and taking advantage of a more powerful search engine.

(2)support center

The Support Center is live and ready to use. Go explore here!

 Support for Windows 10

Coming soon, DocuSign for Windows 10. The new universal app to sign documents anytime, anywhere, on any device.  With the update, key features include:

  • Direct Ink for signature capture
  • Drag & drop files into the app
  • (3)windows 10Responsive design on desktop, tablet, & phone
  • Contact integration through People Hub
  • Native PDF rendering for improved performance

Download the app. For more information, take a look at the landing page, and if you’re curious, hear how a SMB company in our very own backyard of San Francisco is using DocuSign for Windows 10.

Enhanced Offline Signing

Say you just got word you need to jet set to a high profile business meeting abroad, but while en route, your internet connectivity toggles between shaky to absolutely zero connection (the horror!). It’s end of quarter, the prospective company has signed the agreement, and you are the final sign off to close this last deal to get the company over their quarterly plan. What on earth are you to do?

No sweat. Open up the DocuSign Mobile app for iOS! With enhanced offline signing, now you can sign documents on airplanes or remote locations, and have them sync back to DocuSign when an internet connection is available.

(4)offline signing

Download the iOS app to take advantage of Offline Signing today, and never risk losing a deal again!

*Coming soon to Android and Windows.

But There’s More

A few other capabilities to mention that are available now include:

  • DocuSign for Salesforce: We’ve added Action Links and Custom Fields support for Salesforce users.
  • DocuSign Google Chrome Extension 2.0: Updates include the ability to see the number of documents that are pending action directly on the DocuSign Chrome Extension, easier installation, revamped design, and more. Watch the video here.
  • Signing Groups: Eliminate bottlenecks when there are multiple people with authority to sign off, but you only need one person to sign. Take a look at the video to learn more.

Get even more information about the DocuSign Fall ’15 Release and download the Release Notes here.


  1. I am trying to obtain access so I can update my password and have sent three emails, but received no reply. Usually the email with the link so I can change my password arrives very quickly. Now it has been about 10 minutes since I started asking for the link and have no reply. I need help. I also do not know why it does not accept my last password, which I know what it is and typed it correctly, but docusign does not accept it or provide me with the needed link so I can change my password. Please provide me with some assistance. Thank you so much, Ester

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