Change. It’s the most positive word in the English language. It’s the one that can create the most impact, facilitate the most growth, and literally drive excellence.

That’s the message that Chairman and CEO Keith Krach has reinforced with our ever-growing DocuSign team in almost every all-hands meeting we’ve had as a company since he took the reins in 2011. He was talking to about 100 people back then, and a few weeks ago he said the same to more than 1600 of us across Asia Pacific, Australia/New Zealand, EMEA, Latin America and North America.

But if change is the most positive word for Krach, the one nipping right at its heels would be innovation.

Innovation is the very life blood of our company – as it is for almost every start-up. And it means different things to different people – as anyone at almost any start-up will tell you.

It could be about creating the most seamless, richest and simplest experience for anyone wanting to sign anything from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Or telling a fresh, new story about how access to completely-secure mobile signature technologies is helping small business growth in remote areas of emerging markets.

Or finding new ways to build a smart network of partners around the world so we can deliver more value to the public and private sector, no matter how large or small.

The list could go on and on. In fact, Keith Krach recently spoke directly to innovation on C-Suite TV. You can see him discuss what makes an exceptional workplace and how to challenge the status quo right here. 

But the bottom line is if change drives excellence, innovation is the fuel. And that’s why we’re humbled and honored to make our first appearance on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list for enterprise software in 2016.

We find ourselves in remarkable company, alongside some established leaders and new disruptors. We’re also able to take lessons from them all, so we can change, innovate, pivot and evolve as a company. You can expect to see more of that from us in the year to come, most of which we’ll share at DocuSign MOMENTUM ’16 in San Francisco in April (you can register to attend here) . And it’s all for the better.

So thanks to the Fast Company team for recognizing DocuSign for the work we’re doing across eSignature and Digital Transaction Management. Congrats to the other 269 companies that were recognized. And of course to Buzzfeed for topping the list all-up.

Here’s to change. And here’s to innovation.