What’s in store for developers at Momentum 2018

DocuSign’s annual customer conference, Momentum, has a lot of great content for developers. Whether you are just starting out with the DocuSign eSignature API or have a lot of experience with it, I believe you will find Momentum useful and informative.

We’ve called the specific track for developers, Developer Reverb – it’s a bit of a play on words. Our goal is to enable you to rev-up your DocuSign development. We also think that community is important, and getting our engineers together with our customers and partners creates conversations and learning which really amplifies the impact that developers already play in all that is possible with DocuSign APIs and our platform.

We kick off Developer Reverb with a keynote by our Senior VP of Engineering, Tom Casey. Tom is going to focus mainly on what is new from DocuSign for developers and dive into the product and platform roadmap, with a number of demos, specifically from a developer perspective. Tom’s keynote kicks off the Developer Reverb track that is followed by these top sessions:

  • If you are new to developing with DocuSign, Ergin Dervisoglu’s session entitled Intro to DocuSign APIs and Developer Tools is a good place to start. Ergin, our developer center and tools product manager, will walk you through all of our tools and how to integrate DocuSign functionality directly into your app or website quickly using our eSignature API.
  • Embedded signing is an important scenario, so we put together a hands-on workshop where you will go through the steps to provide embedded signing workflows. In the eSignature Embedding Hands-On Workshop you will learn how to seamlessly embed the DocuSign API into your apps, websites, and embedded systems, thereby eliminating context switching to the DocuSign web site. You will definitely want to bring your laptop for this one!
  • DocuSign has secure authentication schemes for any type of application. In the session Best OAuth practices when authenticating to DocuSign APIs we will discuss the different ways to authenticate whether you’re building a service integration or a user application. Here you will learn about the different OAuth patterns where we will present the different login workflows, consent, token management, and more.
  • At DocuSign security is as central as, well, signing. It’s paramount. Our security architect, John Heasman, will be giving a session called Building Secure Integrations with the DocuSign API. He will go in-depth into how you can ensure that your integration follows best practices when handling user input, making requests to the DocuSign API, and configuring Connect, the DocuSign push notification service that sends real‐time envelope and recipient data updates. We will also take you behind-the-scenes with an overview of the product security programs and practices that we utilize to ensure the protection of customer data. The session, Behind the Scenes: DocuSign Product Security Programs and Best Practices, will address preventative and detective information security measures including functions like risk management, threat modeling, security code reviews, vulnerability management, and incident detection and response.
  • To learn how to use our webhook notification product feature, called Connect, we created a Webhooks Hands-On Workshop, which is literally what it says – 90 minutes of hands-on training to learn all about DocuSign webhooks. You’ll set up a webhook for an entire account, or just for specific envelopes. Find out how to identify various envelope and recipient statuses, describe DocuSign webhooks (Connect and eventNotification), set up webhooks, and learn best practices.
  • We’re excited to have a session on our new mobile-optimized, or responsive signing experience. In Sizing up DocuSign’s New Mobile Optimized Signing Paradigm, we’ll show the applications of this model, cover template conversion to responsive HTML, construct a sender-defined HTML experience, and show some code examples.
  • Then don’t miss an amazing session from Tam Tran, Principal Architect at T-Mobile, who will show how T-Mobile uses DocuSign’s eSignature API for all customer-facing integrations. He’ll share best practices and tips and tricks for things you should consider for your large-scale DocuSign integrations, plus give a demo of a new responsive signing experience created jointly with DocuSign engineers.
  • Then you can attend How DocuSign Connect uncovered a Failure and Saved $1M where you’ll find out how Nationwide, a rather large insurance company, designed, developed, and implemented a complex workflow for digital documents to be routed and stored within their secure system. Ryan Schoepp, the architect who designed Nationwide’s system, will walk you through a deep-dive on best practices for implementing webhooks and envelope status notification using DocuSign Connect, and how they discovered a failure that saved a million dollars.
  • If you are a DocuSign user, you know your forms drive many business decisions and processes. In Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Forms and Fields, you will learn how to take advantage of the multitude of form features, including dynamic fields, anchor text, templates, XFA vs. Acrobat PDFs, and more. This popular session is given by our solution engineering team.
  • As you might imagine, the DocuSign vulnerability management program handles vast quantities of data in support of our compliance programs - PCI, FedRamp and ISO. To support the ongoing and evolving requirements we've built a custom solution, Sherlock, to aggregate scan results, perform risk adjustments, track false positives, integrate with ticketing systems and produce regular compliance artifacts all backed by DocuSign for sign off. This session, How DocuSign Does Compliance with DocuSign will cover the challenges we've encountered while building Sherlock, how it helps simplify our compliance and provide ways for you to build on the DocuSign platform to streamline your compliance operations.
  • Gil Vincent, from the DocuSign professional services team, works with many of our largest customers. He may have quite literally “seen it all.” Gil has a session called Architectural Guidance Best Practices where he will discuss different levels of integration and how their scope can either limit or enhance your growth and ROI. He will explore the pros and cons of each level, identify the “sweet spots” for you to target when designing and building an integration, and chat about best practices to incorporate into your design.
  • The number of developers integrating DocuSign with Salesforce grows significantly every year, so we have added a session to the Developer Reverb lineup on this topic. In a session aptly called Optimizing Your DocuSign Sending Experience with Salesforce Lightning & Envelope Configurations, DocuSign engineer Ken Naku will go deep into new declarative custom button capabilities for Salesforce Lightning. Similar to JavaScript custom buttons, you can customize and take full control of the sending experience for your users, but now rather than writing lines of code, you can achieve this declaratively with our new feature called Envelope Configurations.

Above is just a subset of the great developer sessions at Momentum. When you join us for Developer Reverb, you will hear more best practices from customers and partners like you, learn about advanced platform features, dive into complex workflows with composite templates, learn how to architect robust post-envelope transaction processing, see how you can use React and Angular with DocuSign via a private CORS gateway, and more.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square June 20-21 at Momentum. (You can also make plans to participate in our Momentum Hackathon at Galvanize June 9-10.) The hotel room discounts expire at the end of May, so I urge you to make your travel arrangements soon.

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