Twilio Signal 2019 - That's a Wrap!

Twilio SIGNAL 2019 is officially closed. We had an incredible time demonstrating how to get started using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud APIs with developers, product managers, and executives alike. Attendees were also inundated with a ton of new Twilio programs, tools, and improvements. Let’s break it all down! 

Customized Examples Microservice Prototype

In our booth, our demo received an excellent reception. Attendees were excited to see an early prototype of a tool that enables developers very quickly to download a customized repository of eSignature API use cases that has been fully customized with a DocuSign integration key, the secret key, and the appropriate redirect URL for signing. Stay tuned to hear more about the microservice! 

“Make your first API call” Challenge

We had roughly a hundred Signal attendees create a Sandbox account and complete our brand new challenge! Developers from various levels of experience had the opportunity to try and send a DocuSign API call, which took 10 minutes on average. Attendees enjoyed sending their first envelopes, and made remarks like “DocuSign has the best API documentation I’ve seen in a while.” This API challenge was hosted on a new tool called DocuSign Dev Lab (pictured above). DocuSign Dev Lab is a self-paced, in-browser learning environment where developers can interactively use DocuSign APIs. Because DocuSign Dev Lab is self-contained, users can jump straight into coding instead of setting up a development environment, which makes the experience fast and intuitive.

The DocuSign Raffle

We had hundreds of entries to our raffle, but only one lucky winner walked away with a Nintendo switch. Congratulations to Brandon Wong from Yerdle Recommerce. We hope to see you all again at a future developer event.

What’s New with Twilio? 

There were quite a few new product announcements, but we’d like to share with you a few of our favorites. 

Launch of Twilio CLI 

The Twilo CLI Beta is a new open-source tool for developers to unleash the power of Twilio in the place where developers are most comfortable: in their terminal. With the CLI, you can access all of Twilio’s APIs, tail logs, send email via SendGrid, manage phone numbers, and much more! Head over to their CLI Quickstart guide to get started.

Twilio Conversations

Twilio Conversations Beta allows developers to leverage a unified API to engage with their customers in group conversations across any messaging app — SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and chat. Read more about it at

Email Validation API 

During the keynote, Twilio unveiled Twilio SendGrid’s real-time Email Validation API, which validates email addresses before customers send to them. This new API decreases bounce rates, improves sender reputation, and ultimately improves overall inbox placement. Dig in to the full description at

Twilio Quest 3.0

TwilioQuest 3, the RPG for developers, is now available for Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. The next incarnation TwilioQuest is a top-down role-playing game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era, playable on desktop PCs. Read all about the new updates in the Twilio blog.

That’s it for now! Next up for the DocuSign API team is HackMIT on September 14th in Boston. In the meantime, check out all of our other great DocuSign developer resources:

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