Our annual hackathon is (virtually) back on July 7!

Anyone else tired of Netflix, DIY projects, and neighborhood strolls? I knew it wasn’t just me! Well, we’ve got something much bigger planned for you while we’re all at home this summer.


This year we’re taking the Momentum hackathon virtual and have over $50,000 in cash up for grabs. Register now.

Developers all over the world use our APIs to build integrations leveraging our eSignature and other technologies. Now we’re bringing the hackathon to all of you.The Good Code hackathon runs July 7 - August 31 to give you plenty of time to build something awesome.

Each year, we bring together hundreds of developers to build solutions for nonprofit organizations to help them tackle real environmental challenges. As we announced at Momentum, this year you’ll be hacking on behalf of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Like many companies and nonprofits, FSC is now challenged to find innovative ways to continue their work while keeping their staff safe by limiting in-person inspections and data collection. This is where you come in. We've put together prizes and challenges for you to help FSC take their important work fully remote and digital. We also understand that there are many more nonprofits that could use some help, so we’ve developed the Good Code category with over $10K in prizes.

Enough from me: let’s get to the categories and prizes!

  • Pre-Assessment App: $10,000 grand prize This app will use an FSC checklist to enable forestry companies to self-assess their eligibility for FSC certification immediately.
  • Virtual Audit Qualification App: $10,000 grand prize This app will use FSC-defined criteria that we provide as well as Esri (or other) geocoding data to help a company determine their eligibility for a virtual audit of their forest.
  • Virtual Audit App: $10,000 grand prize This app should use technology to enable virtual site visits, interviews, and document verification. Go crazy and give us your best ideas for drone fleets or other fun tech to do everything virtually.
  • Collaboration Bonus: $15,000 ($5K per FSC app team) Given the global nature of DocuSign users and the forests FSC certifies, we want developers to reach out to other teams and work together to accomplish something they couldn't do alone. The Collab Bonus is an additional $5K to the top three individual app teams who work together to combine all three FSC apps into one seamless, working app.
  • App for the Greater Good: $7,000 grand prize and $3,500 second place Got your own nonprofit in mind that you think would benefit from taking their processes digital and remote using DocuSign APIs? Build an app for them.



Virtual events and activities

You’re not alone. The DocuSign Developer Advocacy team, along with FSC, will be hosting Q&A sessions and virtual events throughout the hackathon to answer your questions and help you get started.

We're kicking it all off with a livestream July 7th at 10:00 AM PDT on YouTube.

That’s not all! We’ve got fun challenges like developer trivia, competitive speed coding, and more planned for you. Want more? Find us on Twitch and Slack and head over to our hackathon home page for a full schedule of events.

Join in. It’s just Good Code.



Caly Heasman

Caly Heasman was a developer on DocuSign’s core sending experience for three years and now leads DocuSign’s Developer Advocacy group. She’s passionate about philosophy, languages coded and spoken, and creating a developer community wherever she goes. Want to host a DocuSign developer community meetup near you? Get in touch!


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