Building Connect Webhook Listeners That Scale

Many DocuSign partner and developer customers use the DocuSign webhook system, Connect, to receive push notifications when their envelopes change status. But some developers are stymied by Connect’s requirement of a server (a “listener”) that will be available on the public internet.

Since corporate applications are often secured behind firewalls, the public URL requirement can be a real hurdle. In addition it is important that Connect listeners quickly acknowledge the Connect notification messages. Responses within a second or two are best.

Good news: at the upcoming Momentum conference, my colleague Jon Kohne and I will present a solution for these issues that you can use today. We’ll show how you can use low cost services from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to receive the incoming Connect messages and add them to cloud-based reliable queue services.

We’ll also show how applications that run behind the firewall can receive the Connect messages from the queue service and then act on them.

Using this type of microservices architecture for your Connect listener provides many benefits, and for a low cost.

Please join us in San Francisco this June 12th at 11:15 am for all the details.

And if that’s not all, the Momentum registration fee for developers is zero dollars. Check out all of our other developer sessions and register today.

See you in SF!

Larry Kluger
Larry Kluger
Lead Product Manager, Partner Platform