Deep Dive Discussions: DocuSign Engineering’s Olive Design System

In this episode we sit down with Joe Cocco, Senior Software Engineering Manager and the brains behind Olive, DocuSign’s homegrown UI design system used across our products.

When Joe joined DocuSign several years ago, he found himself spending more and more time building and standardizing JavaScript and other components like icons, fonts, and images across our various products. There was no cohesion and no system. Over time he formed a team and built what we call Olive, which is a design system providing a set of visual standards and guidelines for building consistent applications. 

While Olive was originally built in Angular, the team has recently ported all existing components to React and now supports both.

Ready to get started? See Olive in action by creating a free Developer Sandbox account on the DocuSign Developer Center.

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Caly Heasman
Caly Heasman
Developer and Admin Advocacy Director
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