DocuSign Developer: Deep Dive Discussions – DocuSign Click

The DocuSign Developer: Deep Dive Discussions video series covers ground from basic to complex DocuSign API use, as well as insights from our experts on best practices to speed up your development.

In this episode, Stephen Parish, Lead Software Engineer, introduces our brand new DocuSign Click product. After giving an overview of Click and clickwraps, Stephen closes with a demonstration on how to create, modify, and deploy a clickwrap agreement in your web application within minutes.

For large organizations, documenting and managing customer consent to standard agreement terms--such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, and disclosures--is critically important but expensive and cumbersome with potential legal risk.

DocuSign Click is an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy clickwrap solution that lets you capture customer consent to standard terms with a single click, lowering costs and risk, while improving the customer experience and maintaining security and trust.

Our developer community can immediately leverage clickwraps by embedding a simple automatically-generated JavaScript snippet. Clickwraps can also be created, modified, or deleted with the Click API. For more specific information on the Click API, check out Tony Mann’s blog post.

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Matthew Roknich is Developer Evangelist and a lifelong problem solver. His current projects outside of DocuSign involve advanced IoT and sustainability. He can be found on a soapbox talking about the eSignature API at a variety of developer conferences, hackathons, and meetups.