Au Revoir, Devoxx!

For the second year in a row, the DocuSign API team spent April 17-19 in Paris last week to meet members of the French Java community at Devoxx France.

Java is special to us because it’s the DocuSign API’s third most popular SDK language (ahead of Node and even Python!) We had a  Silver Sponsorship this year at booth S23 and gave demos showing how to integrate electronic signatures and digital workflows into companies’ apps and websites using DocuSign’s Java SDK.

Probably the best part of Devoxx France for us this year was watching all of the visitors to our booth solve our wall puzzle. Our amazing creative team came up with a language of symbols and hid a puzzle in it. We won’t give too much away, but visitors had to decode the wall and use the message to solve a cryptarithm puzzle in order to win a DocuSign Developers hoodie!

Two happy puzzle masters.

This is what it takes to work out the puzzle!

In addition to having fun solving puzzles, we also showed devs how to use our Java code launcher and talked about our latest updates to our Java SDK. Our Paris developers were also on hand to talk about our new Identify platform, which they build right here in Paris. Itis a plug-and-play, open API framework that allows customers to configure any type of identification process into DocuSign eSignature workflows--including EU specific verification options to meet both Advanced and Qualified signature levels under eIDAS. You can learn more about Identify and how we comply with EU regulations here. Our Paris engineering office is also hiring!

Paris DocuSign API developer meetup.

And lastly, we stuck around Wednesday night after Devoxx to host a Paris DocuSign API developer meetup. Paris engineering manager Cyril Thirion presented on our latest API features like Click, and we met many of our local developers and answered their questions.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth or came to the meetup. We hope to see you at Devoxx Belgium in the fall or at our Momentum hackathon and conference (free for developers!)

And check out some of our other great developer resources below:

Caly Heasman
Caly Heasman
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