Apex Toolkit GA Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials (previously named DocuSign for Salesforce - Core) and Apex Toolkit, available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This is an important milestone for our Salesforce administrators, end users, and developers. This post focuses on the value and potential for developers integrating DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials into their apps.

Why did we develop a new version of our managed package? After all, we already have a very successful and complete solution with our existing DocuSign for Salesforce application, listed on the AppExchange since 2010. DocuSign for Salesforce supports complex sending and signing use cases out of the box in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. It is highly customizable through custom buttons and Process Builder support. This package is geared towards mid-market or enterprise use cases and we will continue to support and innovate with DocuSign for Salesforce.

Enter DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials! With this new package we have reimagined DocuSign for Salesforce from the ground up to be API and Lightning-first. We have streamlined the setup and configuration process to support basic envelope sending and status. The out-of-the-box functionality is a subset of DocuSign for Salesforce functionality, supporting typical small business use cases with limited administrator customizability.

While DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials is very focused on simplifying the administrator and end user experience, it also contains something of significant value to developers: the Apex Toolkit. The Apex Toolkit exposes all types and methods needed to completely customize the DocuSign sending and signing experience within Salesforce. In fact, we built the front end for DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials entirely upon the Apex Toolkit’s global types.

Here are a few of the high-level scenarios you can address with the Apex Toolkit:

  • Embedded Signing: Extend DocuSign into your Salesforce Communities. Capture Salesforce form data and create and sign an envelope, all without your customers leaving your Community.
  • Bulk Sending: Send an envelope to a group of users at once. Each user receives a customized copy of the envelope.
  • Envelope Actions: Correct, resend, or void envelopes previously sent.

The Apex Toolkit abstracts DocuSign APIs and fully respects Salesforce limits. We handle API authentication for you so you can focus on the business logic of your integration. We ensure any DML occurs only after any web service callouts. Callouts are bulkified where possible and data is appropriately cached to prevent unnecessary round trips. Unit testing your Apex code is always recommended, if not required, so we have exposed global user and callout mocks--the same ones we use for our own testing. We encourage you to visit our DocuSign for Salesforce developer site which hosts the latest Apex Toolkit code examples and reference documentation.

We have barely scratched the surface of what is possible with the Apex Toolkit. We're very excited to see what else developers will do with this!

Get started with DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials and our Apex Toolkit today!