Docusign Spotlight: Kaylin Mouchawar, Enterprise MDR

Kaylin Mouchawar, DocuSign Spotlight

We sat down with Kaylin on the Sales team in our San Francisco office to learn more about why she decided to join Docusign and what she loves the most about her work here.

What is your role at Docusign?

I am an Enterprise Market Development Representative on the Verticals (Industry) Team and focus primarily on the Insurance industry.

Why did you choose to work at Docusign?

The business has shown consistent financial performance year after year. There’s still so much untapped opportunity – customers see a clear return on their investment in Docusign. The second reason I joined is because of the people. At Docusign, people really want to work together as a team. I’ve never worked at a company where people care equally about what you do at work as much as they care about what you do outside of work, and what you need to have a successful career.

What do you love most about working at Docusign?

In the tech industry, sales roles are tough — you typically are working a metrics-driven job that can be extremely stressful and competitive. Docusign takes a much more collaborative approach. Everybody works together, and we’re accountable for everyone’s successes and hardships.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Selling itself at Docusign isn’t the hard part because customers already see the value. The hardest part is getting a hold of the right people. Once you land the meeting, people are very interested.

How do you spend a typical day?

In my role, I try to split my days into two halves. In the first half, I focus on the things I need to achieve that day – I send prospecting emails and call prospective and current clients. In the second half, I tackle the administrative tasks - internal meetings and training – and strategize about opportunities and specific use cases in our industry that we can relay to current and prospective clients. 

What type of people do you think thrive in your department?

People who are self-motivated and driven to do right by the customer thrive in sales at Docusign. Some people are introverted, some are outgoing. The people who thrive in sales are the ones who tackle every day as a new, exciting day, no matter how the day before went, and can be enthusiastic and self-motivated. They are positive and resilient. 

What is the typical career path of somebody in your role at Docusign?

The MDR role gives you great exposure to the organization—we work with all types of people at Docusign. Traditionally, MDRs will progress over time to an Account Executive or Enterprise Corporate Sales role. That being said, I’ve never seen so much career path flexibility. People go into all kinds of roles - management, marketing, solutions engineering, etc. 

What are some ways you contribute to the company's vision despite being new in your career?

When I think of sales and sourcing opportunities, I think of how I can help Docusign in the future and also how I can help my customers transform their industries. For example, if an enterprise insurance organization is still faxing their claims and I’m successful in moving them to Docusign, I can completely change the way customers file claims with their insurer. That’s such a monumental impact so early in my career, it blows my mind!

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