Last March, you might recall that we unveiled the New DocuSign Experience. We were excited to offer our web customers the next generation of our user interface, and delighted to make it easier, faster and more intuitive for you to send and manage digital transactions.

Fast-forward to today: As we unveil the DocuSign Spring ’15 Release, we’ve armed more than 10 million people with the New DocuSign Experience to successfully complete agreements. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re delivering advanced functionalities to the New DocuSign Experience so that organizations of all sizes can take advantage of our best-in-class user interface. 

More than an upgrade, the enhancements to the New DocuSign Experience open up a new realm of digital business possibilities:

Think Increased Productivity…(Complete transactions swiftly, efficiently, and with results aplenty)

Think fresh new capabilities…(designed to advance your organization’s digital transformation)

Think Technology that is intuitive… (with simplified terminology and a dashboard that prioritizes action items for you)  

Our top priority is to make our customers successful, right from their very first ‘click’. The enhancements to the New DocuSign Experience include powerful functionality that customers love from the classic experience, as well as unique new capabilities to help you unlock new use cases. A few of our favorites include:

Bulk Send

A game changer for those situations when you need to send the same document to large number of recipients, like getting every sales rep to sign off on the latest compensation policy. With Bulk Send, you can do this in one transaction with zero repetition.


On-demand is an on-trend feature for so many business scenarios. With PowerForms, businesses can publish documents to their website for on-demand  eSigning. Think about application forms, waivers, non-disclosures, and other self-service forms that currently live on your website or company portal.

Quick Send Templates

Save even more time when all you need to add to your reusable template are recipients and email message.


But we didn’t stop there! 

We’re also delivering a new, streamlined mobile-friendly administration experience that makes it easier than ever for administrators to manage users and account settings. The new administration experience provides improved user search and filtering, custom permission sets and a new column for user create date. And this is just a start—upcoming phases will support deep enterprise-grade administration capabilities.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring the New DocuSign Experience to organizations of all sizes, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

The New DocuSign Experience is available now. Click here to learn more and share all your thoughts, questions and feedback in the comments below.

Happy DocuSigning!