This week we are onsite at our user conference, MOMENTUM ‘16 LONDON, and the big story is: Europe. We unveiled new solutions and innovations including Standards-Based Signatures and DocuSign Hybrid Cloud that will help our European customers accelerate their digital transformations.

But we didn’t stop there. As part of the DocuSign Summer ‘16 Release, we also made enhancements to our Android application and advanced authentication lineup. Let’s dive in!

Unveiling Standards-Based Signatures

Earlier today at MOMENTUM ‘16 LONDON, we unveiled a new capability called Standards-Based Signatures. This capability allows users to sign documents electronically, while easily complying with eSignature standards from around the world. Highlighted this week at MOMENTUM ‘16 LONDON, organizations will be able to support all EU signature types in order to run their business more efficiently and effectively from the DocuSign platform. In other words, you get all the power of DocuSign — plus compliance with EU eSignatures standards and the choice to use digital certificates from DocuSign or trusted third parties.

For even more info, check out this blog post.

DocuSign Hybrid Cloud

This Fall we will be launching DocuSign Hybrid Cloud, which allows customers to enjoy our robust end-to-end fully digital workflows while controlling signer authentication, data security, and data residency behind their own firewall. Simply put, global enterprises will be able to have one consistent, easy-to-use experience while achieving additional levels of control and compliance in their business.  

DocuSign for Android  

Google challenged themselves to create a visual language for their users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with innovation and the possibility of technology. They call it material design. We like a good challenge ourselves, so to follow suit, we bring material design to our Android application to further delight our customers like you. Users will notice an updated look and feel with a pervasive floating action button, making it easier for you to kick off the signing and sending experience while the flow and navigation remain the same.

Persistent Authentication

We made our advanced authentication lineup even better by adding Persistent Authentication. Say you are a lending company and your client needs to sign a multi-document loan. Instead of your client re-authenticating their identity over and over and over again, persistent authentication allows them to skip authentication when accessing those subsequent documents resulting in a simple and streamlined experience. Now let’s seal that loan together, shall we?  

Well that’s a wrap for the DocuSign Summer ‘16 Release. Check out the DocuSign MOMENTUM ‘16 LONDON press release (link) for more information. Happy DocuSigning!