The road to digital transformation is an enticing and exciting one to travel – but as with every journey, you need a map, you need a destination and you likely need some advice from others on the best route to take.

Luckily, through our experience with more than 250,000 customers and 100 million users in 188 countries around the world, we’ve picked up some tips on this. And that’s why we’ve worked with the analysts and storytellers at one of the world’s foremost strategic consultancies – Forrester – to source inspiration, lessons, insights, guidance and best practices from companies that have successfully made the digital transformation by deploying DTM… so that you can too.

Building on the study that DocuSign commissioned with Forrester Consulting on Digital Transaction Management (DTM) in March 2015 – “Digital Transforms the Game of Business” that outlined the need and benefits of the fully digital business – the new commissioned study – “Accelerating Your Digital Transformation” – takes things several steps further to successfully go digital.

After talking to a select group of technology and business leaders with highly-evolved public and private enterprises, Forrester distilled the wisdom into some key trends and development findings, uncovering seven best practices that any company can leverage to jumpstart and accelerate their digital transformation.

“In the age of the customer, analog processes are quickly becoming obsolete, and siloed digital point solutions are only adequate replacements at best,” said Forrester Consulting in the study.

“End-to-end solutions that address enterprise-wide needs are driving the most significant impact to organizations’ digital transformations. Companies in all stages of their digital journey must seek to continually improve their tactics in order to maximize efficiencies and create exceptional customer experiences.”

Given that almost 85% of respondents to last year’s study said they had a pressing need for a DTM solution that was not being met within their organizations, digital transformation is clearly important. So the best practices recommended by Forrester Consulting based on its in depth discussions include:

Excite your executives about customer experience. Executive sponsorship is critical to optimize the organization’s culture, processes, and technologies across roles and customer touchpoints.

Think big; move fast. Determine a vision for DTM that aligns with your business’ strategic imperatives. Then start the process off with quick wins that will help to gain momentum and foster organizational buy-in.

Embrace user-centered design. In order to optimize efficiency, DTM must be implemented with a keen understanding of end users’ workflows.

Restructure processes to take advantage of digital innovation before automating. It doesn’t help to digitize a bad process. As one respondent said, “You have to challenge why you are doing something before you automate it.”

Include customers in the design process. A key driver for DTM is improving customer experiences; therefore, your process redesign must include an understanding of the end customers’ desires for interacting with your company.

Invest time in education. Understand your organization’s requirements for DTM technologies, and research how the solution you are implementing can meet those requirements. Addressing this with stakeholders will speed adoption.

Align with partners with deep expertise in digital transformation. The right trusted partners that offer expertise and transparency (and are invested in your company’s success) are critical to accelerate and expand your use of DTM.

You can download the latest Forrester Consulting study here, and you can source last year’s study from this page.