This post is the second installment in our series: “Adoption Playbooks: Providing a deployment framework to maximize results.” Check back each week for the latest blog post authored by a member of our Customer Success Architect (CSA) team where we will share deployment best practices from real-world implementation experiences in the field. We hope you will find these blog posts and the accompanying white papers insightful. 

When it comes to work orders, you’ve probably heard this story before. Before kicking off a new project, you dance to this oldie, (that’s not goodie): nailing down authorization, chasing signatures, sorting the billing. How to switch it up for something a little sleeker, streamlined and above all, quicker? It’s all packaged into three words: Digital Transaction Management (DTM).

Why wait days for a completed work order to find its way back to you when you could digitalize it and receive a notification immediately on your mobile phone after it has been completed? That’s a proper cherry on top! From purchase agreements to temporary access or badge requests, there is significant value in digitizing the workflow within Facilities Management.

What does it take to go digital?  Treat this guide written by Customer Success Architects, Tom Pellegrino and Robert Desroches, as a playbook to leverage Facilities Management digital wins so you can win.  Imagine all of the additional time and hyper value you’ll add by digitally streamlining your workflows.

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