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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the Docusign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of November 2021. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: Remove/Correct Identity Verification from a signer from Docusign SDK

Summary: The developer is trying to use recipient authentication (also known as multi-factor authentication) requiring Docusign recipients to use SMS or phone calls to verify a code sent to them before they can proceed to sign an envelope. They’re interested in modifying the phone number using an API call after the envelope was already sent. 

Answer: Recipient authentication enables the developer to specify different workflows that the recipients will have to complete before they can sign an envelope sent to them. Recently, Docusign streamlined the way developers use the API to enable SMS and Phone authentication such that the recipient, not the developer, decides if they prefer an SMS message or a phone call. This code may require an update to your developer account if you have not created your account recently. If you use this method (unlike the old recipient authentication), then you can make an eSignature REST API call to update the recipients in the envelope and update the phone number before they act on the envelope.

Thread: Docusign 404 error when trying to get jwt

Summary: This developer is attempting to get an access token needed to make API calls using the JWT Grant authentication flow. They are using the Python eSignature SDK and running the following code, which returns a 404 error:

from docusign_esign import ApiClient
ds_app = api_client.request_jwt_user_token(

Answer: The code above is correct, but the configuration is the challenge. The issue this particular developer had was that the oauth_host_name was not set correctly. The value is not a full URL to a resource, but simply either (for the developer account) or (for production). This is not the same as the base URIi (or base path) that is used to make API calls later once you obtain your access token.

Thread: Pre-Fill/Sender's Tabs on a Template

Summary: The developer is attempting to use the eSignature C# SDK and the pre-fill fields functionality when sending an envelope from a template and is unable to get the pre-fill fields to show. 

Answer: Pre-fill fields are a feature that enables senders to provide their own information in tabs that appear in the document. As such, they are not associated with any recipient that is in the document and are free-standing as fields by their own. It is possible to use pre-fill fields with envelopes created from templates in two ways:

  1. If the template itself contains pre-fill fields, then you can set their values using the same API call you use to create the envelope from the template.
  2. If the template doesn’t contain the pre-fill fields, you’ll need two API calls: first, to create the envelope, and second, to update the value of the pre-fill fields.

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