You asked for it, you got it: Error code troubleshooting tips

Whether you consider troubleshooting to be an art or a science, it’s inarguably a critical component of every development effort. User feedback submitted on the Developer Center indicated that this is a topic people want more information about. So we analyzed, researched, and consulted our best experts to pull together tips for some of the eSignature REST API errors you’re most likely to see in responses to API requests and in API logs. The resulting page has made its debut: Troubleshooting for common errors is live on the Developer Center.

For each API error response, the documentation identifies the error code and the accompanying descriptive error message. You’ll see a Description that lists possible causes for the error (note that we do not cover every potential reason for an error). Recommendations include troubleshooting steps and links to additional documentation that can help you resolve the error. An example is below.

Error documentation example

For the first iteration of the troubleshooting page, we’ve covered errors related to accounts, API limits, authentication, envelopes, permissions, users, and other topics. We’ll add more errors to the page over time.

We welcome suggestions for errors that you think would be helpful to add to the page. To make a suggestion, you can use the feedback form at the bottom of the Troubleshooting for common errors page. After you select a rating, the form displays a text field where you can tell us which error codes and error messages we should add. You can also send suggestions to

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Julie Gordon
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