Developer Spotlight: Ryan Warren, General Networks Corporation

Spotlight Developer, Ryan Warren

Ryan Warren is a Sr. Solutions Consultant at General Networks Corporation, an industry-leading IT systems integrator that delivers technology consulting and managed services for customers who need to manage and process business-critical information.

For the past 8 years, Ryan’s efforts have ranged from developing web and mobile applications across a wide variety technology stacks to systems administration to UI/UX design, datacenter management and solutions consulting, giving him a well-rounded understanding of IT, development and business processes. Ryan works directly with enterprise clients to create and implement web based solutions, with a current focus of delivering custom applications and solutions on the ServiceNow platform.

Ryan is the lead developer of eSignifi, a ServiceNow application that integrates DocuSign eSignatures with the ServiceNow platform. It allows designers and developers to include electronic signature steps in new or existing ServiceNow workflows. He is responsible for writing, maintaining and testing the codebase of eSignifi. He is also responsible for managing and maintaining the ServiceNow and DocuSign Certification status of the application. eSignifi makes extensive use of the DocuSign eSignature REST API using a custom JavaScript library written by Ryan.

Learn more about eSignifi at the DocuSign Momentum conference, where Todd Withers, President of General Networks, will be speaking.

On most weekends, Ryan can be found working on a new piece of his IoT system, building server clusters with retired hardware or documenting the wild Red Headed Amazon parrots around his city with photography.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content