Developer Spotlight: Ryan Schoepp, Nationwide Insurance

Ryan Schoepp is an Infrastructure Engineer at Nationwide Insurance. Over the course of his 10 years at Nationwide, he has served as a Release Manager for their Customer Service and Billing department, an Analyst and Technician in the IDOC (Internet Operations Distributed Center), and a Specialty Products Call Center Representative. In his current role, he is responsible for multiple applications, including DocuSign, FileNet, Informatica, Tridion, Paxata, and GIS. From a DocuSign perspective, he has helped set up and maintain 51 production accounts at Nationwide since 2013 incorporating Connect, SSO V1/V2 (including Domain Admin configurations), Salesforce, Templates/PowerForms, resource files, electronic signatures and disclosures, firewall rules, Advanced Admin modules, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer compatibility (Enterprise Mode, the New DocuSign Experience, and Signing V1/V2). He completed his DocuSign Administration Certification in 2018 along with multiple other trainings at DocuSign University.

Ryan studied Criminal Justice at Fon Du Lac Tribal and Community College from 2004-2005, where he also played basketball. He is currently enrolled at The Ohio State University and is working toward a Computer Science and Engineering degree. When he is not heads down in the electronic signature world, you can find Ryan at home with his dog Buckeye, bowling, reading a good book, and breaking/fixing his "ridiculous" custom automation home network (which, he admits, he spends way too much time on).

If you're going to Momentum, make sure to catch Ryan's session, "Nationwide Insurance: How DocuSign Connect Uncovered a Failure That Saved $1M, " Thursday, June 21st from 2:45–3:45 p.m. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content